The new Telegram for calls and bots in the latest 2023 update

The new Telegram for calls and bots in the latest 2023 update

cable He finished 2023 with to updatethe tenth, which improves calls thanks to a new colorful design that consumes less battery, a new steaming effect when deleting messages, great news for bots and more.

The developers of the messaging app have announced a redesign of the app CallsFeatures new animations and backgrounds that change dynamically depending on the stages: when it rings, when it's active, or when it ends. Telegram highlights the new interface Uses fewer resources, so it improves battery life on the one hand on modern devices, and on the other hand on older devices or those with limited hardware resources, its operation is more flexible. Many bugs and flaws have also been resolved, call quality has been improved, and other improvements will arrive throughout the year.

Beautiful little granny she is New effect from “fumigation”, Thanos shot It's called Telegram, when you delete a message. Telegram has been testing it for about a month on iOS for self-deleting messages, and it is now available to everyone on iOS and Android and can be seen every time a message is deleted. According to the developers, it is also able to improve energy efficiency.

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