June 6, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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The Juventus disaster: It’s not just a defeat. Cursed cup, looks like Makumba. Unstable foundations, a team that will be rebuilt. Start over with young players and with new ds Allegri thinks only about coaching

Disaster. The 0-3 that was treated against Villareal is as unfair as it is flawless. There was a team with endemic flaws and after a promising twenty minutes left the game. Villareal did little. But that little thing he did was lethal. Like a boa rattlesnake hidden among the rocks, suddenly deadly. Juve tried to win it in the first half, exploding after half an hour. The confrontation against Villarreal is not just a defeat. It failed.

In three years, Juventus changed three coaches. Wire three different ways. Mix meat, fish, vegetables, and sweet fruits in the same saucepan. Food crap came out of him. The team needs to be rebuilt. It will require patience. The last three seasons have been complicated, despite Sarri’s championship and the Pirlo Cup Nationals. Boolean complications if you change the project three times in a row. In three years, Juventus has not improved: with Allegri it seems worse. The idea that Juventus is in “reconstruction” is suggestive. But Juventus’ foundations are too unstable to believe that they can count on these “blocks”. We need to reset, preserve a little of the good that is there and renew: mercilessly.

It turns out that Covid was Gatora for Juventus accounts. But the main gator (accounting as well) were those players who were scored superficially on the basis of “wealth” and not real qualities. Juventus will have to rely on their young players in the near future. For those Chibozo, Fagioli, Miretti, Rovella and Zanimacchia: inexperienced but promising. And to the bench that can make a difference. These are the Paduans who made a fortune for Moggi and Juve Lippi. He has no alternatives, after all: he didn’t have to (now indispensable) to reach that good fourth place to compete in the Champion.

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Juventus are preparing themselves with a sporting director who is able to talk to the team: Allegri is considering training. Being a sports director is another job. Allegri who has to give an account of why Juventus walked on the pitch in mid-March: a snail compared to Pep – Pep of the Premier League. It’s time (for the fans) to swallow. But also to stay close to the team. It is time that the sirens of some media outlets are not attracted to the masses. The ones according to which Juventus will be “from the Scudetto”.

Juventus have lost Trabzon for three seasons. Disadvantages that Cristiano Ronaldo hides. The gods don’t want Allegri to be the “wrong” trainer in the end. With a four-year contract, he is a coach who is impossible to “sack”. Juventus is “cleaning up”. Even with the risk of some loss. You start over with humility and tell the truth to the masses. That will be tears and blood. It happens, even for big clubs like Juventus, to suddenly miss even the most basic movements. Juventus have been bankrupt in Europe for twenty years. Even in the European League, as the victor knows Benfica at Allianz. Twice (with Allegri) the big-eared cup saw him from afar. Rewinding the tape of the ‘cursed’ competition, we just have to think that someone made Makumba at Juventus. A bill similar to the curse made by his former coach Bella Guttmann against Benfica: “You will never win a champion again.” Any idea who commissioned the Caribbean ritual?

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