Simone Bonaccorsi refers to the relationship with Jessica Selassié

Simone Bonaccorsi refers to the relationship with Jessica Selassié

a few weeks ago Jessica Selassie She is spotted in a bar with a mysterious boy. c.Soon, gossip fans recognized him as Simone Bonaccorsiknown in the real world for his participation in temptation island With his ex-girlfriend now Chiara Esposito.

SimonAs we remember, it is also a well-known name and face of those who followed Big Brother Vip. friend of Alex Bailey And Delia Duran, he was a paparazzi with the Venezuelan model even before he entered the house. Delia actually concocted some paparazzi with the model to make her husband jealous, at the time in complete “art chemistry” with Soleil rise.

Simple friendship or something more? No statements were made by those directly involved. Jessica Selassie She has been in recent days in Milan for work reasons and appears to have slept in the same hotel she was staying at, according to rumours. Bonacoursi, Collins. This was immediately indicated by fans of the Ethiopian princess, as they began a routine of tweets on the social network. Under one of those, a somewhat vague joke came from the same Simon:

Nothing happens by chance

Princess Aljasry replied at once, with an opening:


In short, in just one word Jessica He wanted to publicly deconstruct allusion about the model.

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