Cassino – “Working with a Robot”, Science in the Service of Business. Two UNICAS meetings in Cassino and Gaeta

Cassino – “Working with a Robot”, Science in the Service of Business.  Two UNICAS meetings in Cassino and Gaeta

Robot supports the world of work: a Unicas meeting to deepen the world of robotics.

On Monday 16 May 2022, from 16.00 to 19.00, it will be held in the Restagno Room of the Municipality of Cassino, where he works with a robot, by the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering “Maurizio Scarano” of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.

Promoted and organized as part of the activities of the third mission by the delegation of the President of the University for the dissemination of culture and knowledge, it is part of the cycle of cultural initiatives Le UNIcittà 2022 – UNICAS as a cultural heritage of the city, in which the city of Cassino participates from May 6 to June 24.

The meeting will be the first of two initiatives dedicated to robotics, namely the study, construction and application of robotics, whose areas of use are increasingly expanding beyond mere industrial reality as tools to support human work.

On this occasion, the results of important European robotics projects applied to the precision cultivation of perennial crops, such as canopies, where ground robots work alongside humans to perform agricultural interventions, will also be presented.

After the corporate greeting, Gianluca Antonelli, Professor of Automation and Rector’s Delegate for Competitive Enterprises, and Alessandro Marino, Associate Professor of Automation at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio will speak.

Paolo Di Lillo, Researcher at Automatica will lead two hands-on activities that will allow attendees to interact with a robot from the Industrial Automation Laboratory.

In the first, the robot will be controlled in such a way as to allow safe physical interaction with the operator, and in the second it will be possible to control the robot using a haptic interface device, which is able to send accurate tactile feedback.

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On the other hand, the second initiative dedicated to robotics, will take place on Friday 15 July 2022 in the conference hall of Angevin Castle in Gaeta, from 10 to 13, during the second part of the Le UNIcittà 2022 cycle, as part of UNISUMMER. Movement, culture and luxury, which will include Gaeta from 24 June to 20 September 2022 and will be titled A mare con un robot.

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