By discovering the film sets shot in Puglia: you will feel like a star

By discovering the film sets shot in Puglia: you will feel like a star

Movie sets in Puglia: discover the most picturesque places in the region, you will feel like a star.

If you are passionate about cinema and you are in Puglia or planning to go there, you can go to Most scenic places in the region, which has been used by several film groups, thanks to its distinctive characteristics. Already for years, Puglia has become the number one Italian destination for Cinema tourism. Many of Puglia’s cities have characteristics that make them unique, original and scenic, which is why they are used for filming in movies and fiction.

Film sets in Puglia –

Among the most important films, set in Puglia, we have Mine Vaganti by the great Turkish director, with Italian citizenship, Farzan Obzetic. Another film shot in the area is Non c’รจ campo, directed by Federico Moccia, popular and loved by teenagers. Furthermore, we find novels such as Giudice Mastrangelo and Gli Orologi del Diavolo. Puglia isThe preferred setting of many directors and producers, Because it does not need a scene.

Film tourism in Puglia: discovering filming locations

Cinema tourism is a sector that is emerging more and more, especially in Puglia, because Allows and enhances area definition. Among the cities in the region, the one most used as a filming location is Salento. movies like 007 Filmed between Gravina di Puglia and Matera. However, other regions have also been appreciated by tourists and internationally renowned producers, as evidenced by the movie Il Racconto dei Racconti, great shots taken in Castel Del Monte, in Andria, in the province of Bari. What are the police places that were the heroine of films and fiction?

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The city of Lecce has been used on various film sets –

TV series of Judge Mastrangelo Diego Abatantuno He is the protagonist, who covers the role of the judge, who in each episode investigated and solved crimes. The story is set in Salento, specifically, in Cities Lecce, Castro, Marina Serra, Siolo, Tricas and Moro Leccethe latter houses the headquarters of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Silhouette with scenes depicted Porto Selvaggio, Lecce and Nardo. The main character is Joseph Fiorello, who plays a boat mechanic, who becomes a police hacker. Here too, it is always about Salento, which is everyone’s favourite, thanks to its baroque characteristics, colors and atmosphere.

A movie that made everyone laugh: Mine Vaganti, directed by Mine Vaganti Farzan Obzatek. Great staff, consisting of Riccardo Scamarcio, Lunetta Savino, Elena Sofia Ricci, Ilaria Occini, Nicole Grimaudo, Alessandro Prezioso, Ennio Fantasticini and Daniele PecchiFor a great place. The film was shot in Salento, mainly in LycheeAnd Gallipoli And Corigliano d’Otranto.

One of the fun movies Chicco Zalone, What a beautiful day directing Gennaro Nunsiant. The Apulian comedian could not fail to have a place in Puglia. Filmed in Polignano a Mare, Monopoli, and Alberobello.

A Tale of Tales is a spin-off film written by Matthew Jaronwhere international caliber representatives Salma Hayek, John C Reilly, Toby Jones, Alba Rohrwecher, Massimo Ceccherini, Vincent Cassel and Renato Scarpa. The film was shot in different Italian regions, including Puglia. The sites used as movie collections are: Castel del Monte, Andrea; Norman Castle, Swabian from Gioia del Collein the province of Bari; Rocky Village Petrosio, Mottolain the province of Taranto.

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