Un Posto al Sole, the happy announcement in the soap note: official confirmation arrives

Un Posto al Sole, the happy announcement in the soap note: official confirmation arrives

exists since then life To entertain the audience, TV serials are constantly doing this Break into the hearts of the spectators because ofNarrative plot which, loop after loop, thickens more and more. People who like this kind of TV series They fantasize with their favouriteshope b Happy endingwhich he waited impatiently and suffered.

One of the local novels that impress Italians In the nineties It is without a doubt “a place in the sun”. In fact, in October of 2023, it was released drama The contemporary will celebrate well 27 years From the first episode aired on Ray Tree. Over time, the stories being told changed, while the emotion of the people remained Not completely changed.

Speaking of which, in the last few hours, I am Some exciting news has emerged Which they literally do Fans get upset Audiovisual product set in the splendid city of Naples: what is it? Let’s try to figure it out together.

Un Posto al Sole: official confirmation has arrived

as it’s known, “a place in the sun” Record every day, Monday through Friday, from Listen indifferent On the third public service channel in the range Arrival at peak times. In fact, there are a lot of “fans” out there who can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode of their favorite series.

the so-called fandom There is no shortage, and in the last few hours, The fans cheer after one official confirmation They have been waiting for a long time. those directly concerned Translators for the TV series which was The heroes of an event that causes a sensation On social networks and, above all, on the media that deal with gossip news. But in what sense? What is happening more precisely? Let’s find out.

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Place in the sun emblem

The happy advertisement that makes you dream

Over the years, we got used to it twists Television projects that, thanks to the magic of cinema or television, make those who follow them with avidity create castles in the air. But it’s just backstage it gives Great satisfy to the public. In this regard, there are by no means a small number of stars for a particular audiovisual work They fell in love during filming. A clear example of this is the following Italian or international spouses: Luca Zingaretti And Louisa Ranieri; Javier Bardem And Penelope Cruz; Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie.

Alternatively, referring only to the genre of soap, one can’t help but think of the Spanish telenovela that kept Bel Paese’s millions of viewers glued, “the secret”an experience that made him know and love her Fernando Coronado (Alfonso Castaneda) H Sandra Cervera (Emilia Ulloa), Married in Fantasy. Then, even if they are not in the story, Francisco Ortiz (Bosco, last child of midwife Pippa Castro) H Carlotta Barrow (Mariana Castaneda), so far, companions in reality.

Finally, access “a place in the sun”the couple who made fans dream and continue to make fans dream about them David Devener And Serena Rossi who have had tremendous success posing their faces to characters, respectively, Andrew Pergolesi And Carmen Catalano. But which one Happy announcement Did they get to know the fans in the last few hours? All details about it.

Serena Rossi and Davide Devener
Serena Rossi and Davide Devener

Serena Rossi and Davide get married

Yes, The two actors got married To the delight of their fans.

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As is known, the couple met on the set “a place in the sun” And from 2008the union was declared and consolidated in 2016 with the birth of a child Diego. In the 2019 came there an offer from him in Live TV And then, recently, preparations have been accelerated Free.

From what we learned, the celebration was celebrated top secret And in the presence Few confidants the June 17, 2023 to Rome: weekly only Diva and the woman managed to extract a few shots To get out of the newlyweds church. Let’s see one of them picture They got together!

Serena Rossi and Davide Devener Marriage
Serena Rossi and Davide Devener Marriage

He talks a lot about the wedding, an accomplished translator My martini In a biographical feature film “I am mine” He had mentioned that the wedding would only be a Plus For the great affection she felt (and certainly still does) for him Davidsince the culmination of true love with the birth of their child.

Despite this, the big day is clearly depicted by A.J Representing immense happiness To both spouses, to Diego, to their relatives and supporters.

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