It didn’t work out with Antonino Spinalbes, we don’t talk anymore

It didn’t work out with Antonino Spinalbes, we don’t talk anymore

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Jennifer Lamborghini admits that the relationship with Antonino Spinalbes ended before it even began. “We don’t feel, we don’t go,” the former Big Brother Vip singer explained.

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

love story between Geneva Lamborghini and Antonino Spinalbes It’s over before it starts. He admitted this, answering questions received during the last date with him whose houseformer singer and star VIP big brother. Geneva admitted her interest in the ex-partner of BelĂ©n Rodriguez. As soon as he left the CinecittĂ  house, the former hairdresser also confirmed the engagement with Lamborghini, adding that he would give their relationship a chance.

Jennifer Lamborghini: “With Antonino there is passion”

Where is Antonius? Why are you asking me?Geneva joked before getting into the matter, “We remained friends. This passion that bound us has always been there. Maybe things were meant to be this way. For me he has always been someone I have a very strong affection for. Talking about friendship has always been in quotation marks, because we knew each other quite a bit and inside the game. Life is something else. We started this friendship and then I also said that if I have to see someone from a romantic point of view, I get very demanding. On the other hand, if I keep myself open, I keep myself soft, and if I see the classic “let’s see how it goes” which assumes no duties towards the other, I let everything go. I’m more to see how it goes and then, if all goes well, I decide to keep going and move on or stop here. In this case it didn’t open but that’s fine“.

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Geneva defends Antonino Spinalbes: “Enough of the attacks on social media”

But Jennifer made it clear that she did not appreciate the intervention of those fans who attacked Spinalbese on social media after the pictures with Carolina Stramare: “Maybe the Lamborghini wasn’t the right car. I take it as a sport, it means it should go that way. I’m reading a lot of that stuff on Twitter, it’s become such a strong topic. Guys, stop. I think it’s wrong to attack him, he didn’t do anything wrong, and I’m not offended. It’s choices, I’m not the tempted and abandoned person someone paints me to be. I think we are on good terms even if we don’t hear each other. I have my life and he has it“.

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