Al Bano, Putin and the Ukrainian family | Gramellini coffee

Al Bano, Putin and the Ukrainian family |  Gramellini coffee

I was swaying under the blows of the most sophisticated intellectual and was already beginning to wonder if that was even possible put it in It wasn’t really a docile bear in hibernation, it was poaching Zelensky Tickle under the paws, me too, like Chico Zalon In Quo vado? I was amazed to see bano.

You will surely know the story of this native to which Professor Kanfora, who sang Felicit in front of Putin, ended up on the Kyiv blacklist (but can you?). However, after the Russian invasion – obviously to call it that – Al Bano distanced himself from the illustrious admirer and He even welcomed a Ukrainian family into his homein that of Celino San Marco.

I’m grateful to him, too, because to this day he’s still the only Italian reluctant and admirer of Putin who was fit enough to let loose in public. With regard to the war, it is painful to say to our intellectuals, that Al-Bano does not have a sufficiently complex opinion. He claims that all the great powers, including the United States, tend to be somewhat arrogant by nature, and yet Bovia and Cruz agree with him as well. But he adds that there are things that aren’t done, like attacking a country or a family, because if you do that, you also have to deal with history.

Do you put it very simple? Blame Albano, not me, for using it Putin’s teddy bear talkBy comparison, I’m just a mosquito that accidentally got into my mouth.

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