“They must be sought, prosecuted and punished” – Corriere.it

“They must be sought, prosecuted and punished” – Corriere.it
From Lorenzo Cremonese

In Kherson, where Ukrainians who changed their shirts are considered traitors to be tracked down. The progress along the Dnieper continues and cuts off about thirty thousand Russian soldiers

Thein areas forReleased by the Ukrainian army Yesterday’s fishermen are today’s most wanted. Ukrainian citizens, sometimes Also related personalities such as mayors and policemen, That with the arrival of the Russian occupation army in early March, they decided that Change shirts and cooperate with agents in Moscow. “For us they are traitors, in some cases helping the enemies capture our supporters and anyone who tried to remain effectively loyal to the patriotic resistance. They must be sought, prosecuted and punishedUkrainian unit commanders who stand in unison argue Gradually advancing along the Dnieper With the increasingly clear intention of interrupting the journey of nearly 30,000 Russian soldiers in Kherson and in the area west of the Great River. We spent ten days with them Even on the front lines of the fighting outside the village of Dudchany, it was clear that the question of the search for “collaborators” was destined to grow in parallel with the successes of the Ukrainian military.

“Beside the soldiers of the attacking units, intelligence patrols consisting of local personnel and officers sent directly from Kyiv arrive. They always already have lists of names on handPhone numbers and addresses and they know who they’re looking for. However, they are also going to request information from the few of us left. We are the only ones who are able to provide accurate updates,” he tells us among many others Oleg Potapov, 32 years old, resides in the village of Mirolyubivka. It happens that the police stopped wanted people for only a few hours. The order of the central orders is to be careful not to confuse those who coexisted well with the occupiers, who were in many cases Ukrainians from the pro-Russian Donetsk and Lugansk Autonomous Republics, with the spies and activists who openly sided. With Moscow instead. “The restaurant he cooked for Russian soldiers should not be punished, but the mayor who deliberately not demolished the memorial with the names of those who fell in battle since 2014 to facilitate the persecution of their families should definitely be thrown into the dungeon,” explains Sergey, a 26-year-old graduate of the special units in Milov’s small urban center.

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This case opens up a myriad of tensions and uncertainties that risk poisoning the celebration of liberation in small communities. The Russians captured and tortured me during the last two weeks of March. I know they had lists, they were looking for me,” he explains 42-year-old Mayor of Novoleksandrievka, Alexander Levchko. He was replaced by a former municipal employee, 50-year-old Tatiana Evgen, who is now in hiding. “We are actively looking for him. But I want to stress that he was really someone on the sidelines. He was consistent. The best of us immediately fled to the areas controlled by our government, and were in the majority. The Russians found support among the frustrated, the losers and those who had not previously counted on Anything because they are nothing. We had 1,500 people, and there were about 500 people left Of these, only 25 fled with the retreating Russians, ”says Levishko, who is now back in his office.

The approach of the bombing of the capital Kherson raises the issue. Before the war it was inhabited by more than 320,000 people, apparently only less than 100,000 remain, of whom the Russians now would like to move en masse to the west bank of the Dnieper. Kyiv aims to capture as soon as possible Vladimir Saldo, ex-major of the army appointed by Moscow To the post of governor of the region with his deputy Kirill Strimosov. It was they who, with the help of a large number of local administrators, lubricated the occupation machine until last month’s farce referendum, and on September 30, Putin announced with great fanfare the annexation of the “Russian Mother”. Kherson, Zaporizhzhya, Lugansk and Donetsk. At the moment, the entire building designed by the Kremlin is crumbling, but in the liberated areas there are those who demand justice. He asks aloud from the ruins of his farm Mirolyubivka 48-year-old Alona Kovalik. My husband was a partisan affair. Every evening he reported to our artillery by phone about the Russian GPS locations. But there were a lot of spies among us. I know who I am, and I also know that they leaked our names to Russian agents. So they arrested him, tortured him, and killed him,” he says in one breath. For her, liberation is yet to come.

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