Bacteria Alarm: It’s a common situation in every home and a real chemical bomb | If you are not careful, you are seriously risking your health

Bacteria Alarm: It’s a common situation in every home and a real chemical bomb |  If you are not careful, you are seriously risking your health
Hidden bacteria –

The environment most associated with dirt and germs is certainly the bathroom, but many may be surprised to know that there are places in the home where bacteria multiply undisturbed.

Commonly used things often contain a very high amount of bacteria and dirt, here is what you should never forget to clean properly on a consistent basis.

the Smartphones and tablets They have become an indispensable part of everyday life, but we often forget to clean them properly, becoming the first things in the house that are seriously covered in bacteria. Studies have shown that mobile devices can host a surprising number of bacteria, as they are constantly touched and carried everywhere.

It is enough to properly disinfect your smartphone or tablet Use a soft microfiber cloth dampened with an alcohol-based solution 70% isopropyl alcohol. The important thing is to ensure that the liquid is not splashed directly on the device and to avoid getting moisture inside the charging ports or audio jacks.

the Remote control unit Televisions, air conditioners, fans or home alarm systems are often used many times and by many people. This makes it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and it will be necessary to completely disinfect it Remove the batteries and clean the surface with a soft cloth Soaked in a mild disinfectant solution, also wipe between the buttons and allow to dry completely before reinserting the batteries.

How to disinfect every part of the house

the keys from the light are other important points in the house that are often overlooked. Every time the lights are turned off or on, touching the keys leaves some of the germs on your hands. To sanitize the keys, you’d better start UnplugAt this point, you can switch to using a damp cloth antiseptic solution To gently clean the surface of the switch, making sure the cloth is only slightly damp and not dripping with liquid to avoid contact with electricity.

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Cleaning bacteria from handrails –

the door handles It is constantly touched by all family members, but rarely cleaned properly. To disinfect door handles, start by wiping the surface with a soft cloth and disinfectant solution. If the handles are made of stainless steel or another delicate material, it will be necessary to pay attention to the product used, but in general it will be enough to pass Clean with a soft cloth on the handle and surrounding areas.

there keyboard It’s another place bacteria love to hide, as food debris, dust, and germs build up between the keys over time. To properly sanitize a computer keyboard, we start by turning off the computer and unplugging the keyboard. At this point, one can be used can of compressed air To remove dust and debris between the keys. Next, we’ll proceed to cleaning the surface of our keyboard using A cloth dampened with a mild disinfectant solution.

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