“Up to 532 km / h”: it’s a real rocket | Here is the new street gem

“Up to 532 km / h”: it’s a real rocket |  Here is the new street gem

The SSC Tuatara is officially the fastest car in the world by breaking the world record on the runway at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The American supercar with a capacity of 1,774 horsepower was able to achieve similar goals thanks to first-class technical equipment

the New recordin order to Tuatara It is the result of a series of attempts made over the years. American manufacturer to obtain the coveted title “The fastest in the worldcarried out in the last period Several speed tests In order to ensure a result close to the expectations of enthusiasts and, of course, investors.

SSC So he succeeded in the institution by registering him At full speed“back and forth” from 455.3 km / h Effectively beating the previous 447 km/h achieved by the Koenigsegg Agera RS.

It took the shuttle runway, instrumentation Racelogic VBOX 3i 100Hz GNSSand share Garminand based on imra (International Mile Racing Association), but in the end between the round trip Mr Larry Caplin (his fireball) set the record with his 1,774-horsepower SSC Tuatara fed with mixes It consists of ethanol and benzene. On the 3.7 km straight But Caplin would like to try again and aim 482.8 km / h.

the SSC Tuatara Dreamto bypass – officially – 300 mph (482 km / h) would be possible with the availability of a longer strip of asphalt and the new gear ratio could be within the reach of a Yankee hypercar.

Tuatara SSC: standard pursuit car

Designed in collaboration with Jason Castriotaa former Pininfarina designer, was born to replace AeroAnd Tuatara Completely made in carbon fibre, with some parts (such as the suspension strut) in aluminum; In this way the manufacturer managed to maintain supercar weightdry, about 1200 kg.

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To achieve the new record, an American surface-to-surface missile was supplied Special Mix E85 Which allows you to push a file 6.9 liter V8 engine with a maximum strength of 1,774 hp; in street configuration, with 91-octane petrol, Tuatara stop “only” 1370 hp.

Just expected 100 samplesall built in the headquarters of West Richland in WashingtonAnd SSC Tuatara It has a price list close to 1.5 million euros. How long will this new speed record last? She would remain undefeated for months or later 2000 hp hypercarlike Spark OwlWill they succeed in dropping the American proposal? All questions for which there is no sure answer at the moment, and therefore we have to wait patiently.

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