Remedy is buying back the rights to the Control saga from Italy's 505 Games: here's how much it spent

Remedy is buying back the rights to the Control saga from Italy's 505 Games: here's how much it spent

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games It announced a deal under which all copyrights, distribution, marketing and other rights are transferred Control rightsCodename Condor, Control 2, and all future Control products will move to Remedy.

“Control privilege is,” the treatment said Heart treatment. “Having acquired full rights to Control, Condor and Control 2, Remedy is now able to make the right product and business decisions while focusing on the long-term growth of the franchise.”

It also states that “505 Games will continue to be Control's publisher for a transitional period ending on December 31, 2024, under the terms of Control's original publishing agreement. Additionally, 505 Games will continue to manage Control's existing B2B agreements until the agreed upon agreement.” “Upon the expiration dates. After the transition period and the expiration of these B2B agreements, 505 Games will not have any future ownership rights or other rights of control.”

Regarding the numbers contained in this deal, it is stated that “the maximum purchase price for this deal is approximately 100,000 Saudi riyals.” 17 million euros“This is equivalent to the amount 505 Games has paid to develop Codename Condor and Control 2 to date, including a small bonus.”

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Remedy also explains: “This deal will allow us to negotiate better deals for current and future Control games. We can now evaluate Choices between self-publishing and a new publishing partner For Condor and Control 2. At the same time, we are in a better negotiating position than before, as Control is an established brand and Alan Wake 2 was a success. We are confident that together these factors will enable us to obtain the right partner, deal structure and risk-reward profile that is most beneficial to Remedy and best suited for the Control franchise. In the coming months we will evaluate and negotiate with potential future partners.”

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“Thanks to this deal we will also be able to Deal more directly with marketingand distribution and other arrangements between companies. This will provide us with further financing and partnership opportunities that will help us grow Control 2 and Condor, as well as the entire Control franchise, to greater success than ever before.”

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