“A lot of things didn’t work out,” he reveals his intention for the future

“A lot of things didn’t work out,” he reveals his intention for the future

Udinese – Napoli Recently finished, a match that saw another poor performance by Napoli, these were Cajusti’s words after the match.

Napoli did not go beyond the draw, recording another poor performance this season. One after another in Friuli, against a very lowly Udinese, after Siri and Abraham, this time success Finding the goal again taking advantage of a confusing Italian defence, the Nigerian had not scored a goal in a year.

However, victory was almost in his pocket Victor Osimhen He is still in the goal and a few centimeters behind, unable to double the lead and close the match, which is unfortunate considering the complete lack of calm experienced in the season with Napoli, capable of constantly dropping points from advantageous positions.

Cajuste, the midfielder’s words in the Udinese post: Commentary on the post draw

The draw raises Napoli to 51 points, in addition to one point over Fiorentina, which still has a game to recover, albeit a complicated match against Atalanta led by Gasperini. In short, the possibility of finishing ninth in the season and not playing in the conference league is more than a tangible possibility.

Jens KagustiThe Napoli midfielder expressed his opinions after the match DAZNHere’s the idea about the last-minute lottery:

“There is so much disappointment, there is no point in hiding it.” – About the feelings related to this antiquity and what was missing: “A really complex question. There are so many aspects. It’s hard to answer. There were a lot of expectations, and a lot of things didn’t work out.”

Napoli’s Swedish midfielder Jens Kajusti in his first season with the Azzurri – LaPresse –spazionapoli.it

Finally, the Swedish midfielder commented on the mistakes in the defensive phase and the signs that arrived before Al-Najah’s solo goal:

“It is true, after the 1-0 goal we lacked some rhythm. We lost control of the match. We have to maintain our focus. These aspects affect matches. This did not happen tonight.” Finally, about the Napoli experience, regardless of the result, the former Reims player concluded his interview as follows: He added: “Napoli is a great team. I play for a great club. I can only talk about my love for this experience, despite the results. I want to continue here. I want to do everything for Napoli, everything that is possible.”

In short, there is predictably a lot of bitterness and disillusionment, a constant feature of this cursed season, which, for everyone’s sake, must now end. Let’s start from scratch, with a revolution that does not exclude anyone, from the field to the administration. All that’s left is to wait.

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