February 5, 2023

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Città della Scienza: “Bonelli Story” exhibition through February 26th

In Città della Scienza, an exhibition tells the history of comics through the most famous characters from Tex to Dylan Dog, from Zagor to Julia

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Science City press release:

Until February 26, 2023 in the Città della Scienza you can visit a beautiful, new and original exhibition that combines science and science fiction “Bonelli Story, looking at Procida, a sea of ​​comics!”. An exhibition that tells the story of comics through the most famous characters from Tex to Dylan Dog, and from Zakor to Dragonero, a gallery that is very successful among young people, comics lovers and non-comics lovers! By purchasing the combined ticket, you can save money and visit both the Città della Scienza and the “Bonelli Story” exhibition!

Also not to be missed in December: December: Sky of the Month – Live Show at the Planetarium.

Thanks to the planetarium, which faithfully reproduces the celestial vaults of the current period, we will discover that the night sky is as evocative as it is changeable… We will discover the wonders that fill our nights, we will learn to recognize the main constellations and the brightest stars not forgetting some related mythological tale! – INFO: 081.7352.222

Source: City of Science Press Office

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