TMW Exclusive – Ag. Bakayoko: “He came back to Milan to stay there. His situation saddens me”

TMW Exclusive – Ag.  Bakayoko: “He came back to Milan to stay there. His situation saddens me”


Marco Busello It is reported to the microphones of Agent, broker, and CEO of Firs1, he has been collaborating for years with Juanma Lopez and Andy Bara Niagara Sports and with them – in addition to the management of Dani Olmo, Lovro Mager and Christijan Jakic – in recent years he has completed several operations such as Ikoni at Fiorentina and Bakayoko to Milan. Then more recently the collaboration with Claudio Vigorelli was born, fundamental for Gnonto’s move to Leeds and also important for exploring new possibilities for Nicolò Zaniolo. Many topics were covered, including Diego Diem’s ​​future who wants to play more and will probably do so as early as January. But let’s start with Olmo, the star of Spain and Red Bull Leipzig: “Dani Olmo exalts himself in these contexts. It is his third important competition, he played the European Under-21 Championship in Italy, which he won and played as a champion. Then a year and a half ago the European Championship with Spain, A great contest, however, he missed the decisive penalty against Italy. And finally this World Cup, as champions as long as Spain is in the running…”

Luis Enrique really appreciated his association with this national team
“He cares a lot about that. It’s the same for everyone, God forbid, but especially for him. He left Spain at the age of 16, and when he comes back to play for Roja, he always cares a lot about showing his level to his team. He’s in the best moment. He reports from The age is 24, he has also matured physically and already has significant international experience.”

Barcelona tried to sign him in the summer of 2021 to replace Messi. Could next summer be the right time to go back to Spain?
“He’s doing well in Leipzig, he’s already in a huge club. He might not have been considered as such because he doesn’t have the coat of arms of the historic clubs, but look at the team: there’s Olmo, there’s Nkunku, there’s Gvardiol. All the players are really important and young too.”

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Other World Cup champions, in Croatia there’s Jacek and Majer
The former was only part of the squad, while Madjer, despite not playing at the start, highlighted his qualities. Lovro is destined to take on Modric’s legacy and in France, with the Rennes shirt, he’s doing very well. I think he’s now ready. To make another quantum leap.”

Already in January?
“Theoretically not, because clubs can hardly do without such important players in January. But the transfer market is unpredictable: a year ago Juventus bought Valhović for €70m, who would have thought that?”

Juventus has been following him for a long time in recent months
“He has a lot of fans in Italy but he’s not for everyone, he’s a very valuable player. I don’t think Rennes will accept offers of less than €35-40m: several calls also came from England, we’ll see. As for his style of play, it’s probably Liga and The Bundesliga are the perfect two leagues to take another leap forward.”

How did the collaboration between FIRS1 and VIGO SPORTS start, Claudio Vigorelli?
“We have known each other for many years with Claudio, we have already worked together for some time. I was born with the exchange of ideas. In this modernized and globalized world, there is a greater need to stay together. Stronger in order to be able to provide better services to players. Not There’s a real reason, but it comes from so many small collaborations and so many things being done together.”

In the summer he teamed up with Gnonto to Leeds
“It was a process born and carried out together. And that made everyone happy: Leeds because they had the opportunity to buy their first Italian player, the boy was happy because he had made a quantum leap and so was Zurich, and he was able to generate income for one year after the end of the contract.”

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Would a move abroad also be possible for Zaniolo?
“It’s two different realities. Gunonto was unknown to everyone until Mancini called him up to the national team to turn the page after failing to qualify for the World Cup. Now established both nationally and internationally, Zaniolo has yet to express his full potential. But those things are coming. Claudio is doing things Unusual with him and the same boy is maturing today.”

Did offers come from abroad?
“He’s a very important player. At the Italian level, he’s one of the players who express the highest quality both technically and physically, and he has a lot of interest around him. Having said that, he’s a Roma player, a huge club and everything will be evaluated in time.” the appropriate. “”.

Diego Demi’s situation is completely different
“Diego is an excellent player, he’s always played and he’s a great boy. Like all players, he wants to play more, but which player doesn’t want to play more? Anyone who doesn’t have that desire better do something else, it’s not just a matter of economics. Napoli is a perfect machine at the moment, at least that was the case until the break and naturally there would be no room for him. There are balances and a very clear situation.

Is there a club ahead of others in Italy?
“There are many clubs interested abroad too. Precisely because of the type of role: he’s a central midfielder but in midfield he can cover all three positions. He’s short-lived and adapts fairly quickly. He’s a player who attracts important attention.”

What are the conditions for his removal from Naples?
“But no, there are no conditions. Napoli are pleased with him and they have always told us they are happy to keep him. Then it is clear that they know him and if important offers arrive, they will be taken into account. Napoli have always done well but clearly would like to play more.”

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Bakayoko’s situation is more delicate: today he is completely out of Milan’s project
“It’s a situation that saddens me because a year and a half ago this transfer was very much desired. In recent years he has always traveled on loan, every year he has had to change, settle into a new reality, bring his family to a new city. Return to Milan with a loan For two years with the right to buy that became a commitment to certain conditions made him happy. It seemed that we had reached the end of this situation. But either because some players exploded, or because of the injury he entered the field last year, or because of situations that had some twists, the second adventure did not work At Milan, the status quo doesn’t benefit anyone, I’m so sorry.”

What future for him?
“We’ll see, we’ll calmly assess the chances with Milan. He has another year contract with Chelsea after this year. We’ll look around together.”

The one who finally makes headway is Ikoné. He dragged Fiorentina in the weeks leading up to the break
“Ikoné needed a few months of acclimatization last year, to understand Italiano and Italiano’s game. It expresses his skills, shows why Fiorentina made this investment. It didn’t come from anywhere: in the youth team he played with Mbappé and he was the strong one…”

Which way will there be for Missouri and Daniel Hisage?
“They’re young, they have to go their own way. You can’t rush things. But very calmly, they’ll have to continue on their way with Roma and Napoli respectively. Like Gabriele Artistico in Gubbio: he started very well, then had an injury and now he’s on Rehabilitation phase to be available again in January.

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