Russell is the fastest, ahead of Leclerc. Accident for Sainz, Ferrari damaged –

Russell is the fastest, ahead of Leclerc.  Accident for Sainz, Ferrari damaged –
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Competitive Mercedes is revised thanks to updates, Verstappen stops due to technical problems. Another accident for the Spaniard from Ferrari

The third wheel appears between Ferrari and Red Bull. The Mercedes, revitalized by the updates presented at the Miami GP, and driven by the young man George Russell. The Englishman finished top on Friday, confirming the good impressions he earned for the second time in his first free training session. It’s not just a matter of technical upgrades, in fact, Mercedes performs better in the heat because it has been able to raise the temperature of the tires.

It is too early to understand the true values ​​on an unprecedented, demanding and unwillingness to forgive mistakes: we will know more in the playoffs (Saturday 7 May, Here to see the times on TV). Charles Leclerc, having installed the new engine – second of the season – followed in Russell’s wake, with a tenth of delay. The Ferrari driver finished third, ahead of Sergio Perez. Charles was skilled at not taking risks, had room to improve the flying lap, and he also did really well in the race simulation.

If Ferrari looked at the glass half full of Charles, Sainz had a hole. The Spaniard crashed again, damaging the car about twenty minutes into the session: he lost the rear at turn 14 and bounced off the hurdles in the second free practice session (the first time he had destroyed the tires with the turn). The result: the car is damaged in the suspension, in the rear spoiler, the list of damages begins to lengthen in an alarming fashion. He is going through a very difficult moment: two consecutive zeros, In Melbourne, he left because of his mistakeAnd At Imola instead, Daniel Ricciardo was shocked at first. But earlier, in Friday’s qualifier for the Sprint race, he had held his life alone with another crash.

Finally, ‘Earrings War’: The FIA ​​has imposed a tightening on piercings and jewelry – a ban on their wearing while driving, in the name of safety – Hamilton protested (the fourth time), explaining that “some piercings cannot be removed overnight”. For two races he will race with a special permit.

Miami has turned into a chaotic circle, with its walls and jams, somewhat similar to a grandmother. Safety cars and red flags can shake up qualifications and racing leading to crazy and unexpected racing, the example in the uproar is Valtteri Bottas who had to skip his second free practice session after crashing Alfa. Behind the big players, you play blackjack: Alonso’s fifth time against Norris and Gasly. Then Zhou (Alfa), Ocon (Alpine) and Magnussen (Alfa) to complete the top ten.

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Free practice 1, Leclerc the fastest

Ferrari got off to a strong start in Miami. Charles Leclerc signed the best time in first free practice, lapsing in 1’31’098 in front of Russell and Verstappen. With Perez in fourth place, ahead of Sainz. The surprise is to see a Mercedes on the upper floors: it brought many updates din Brackley To correct the “wrong” machine. We must understand if the Englishman is just an exploit or something more (Hamilton’s eighth time). Because once again there are all conditions for a duel between Ferrari and Red Bull.

After days of beach selfies, baseball games and basketball hall visits, Formula 1 kicks off the show in Miami. Unpublished, fast and left 5.4 kilometers around Hard Rock Stadium where the Miami Dolphins play. between phantom ports real fights (FIA Lewis Hamilton against the puncture, Ferrari seeks redemption after the imola slip. Charles Leclerc takes to the track with a new engine, it’s the second of the season (already installed at Imola on Sainz’s Red): a new unit to pressurize the horses and restore Red Bull, outperforming in top speed. It is combined with a new “non-loaded” rear spoiler to reduce drag. It’s too early to talk about progress, but the feeling is that the Reds can be very competitive.

Bottas on the wall, drilling for Sens

There are many unknowns, starting with commitment. Valtteri Bottas Alfa lost in Turn 7 (they say it was one of the toughest) and ended up on the wall. It took a long time to get the car back, and Miami can be like Jeddah a race full of safety cars. Problems also for Sainz: The Spaniard spun at Turn 4 and flattened a tire, it was a turbulent start for Carlos. But the rhythm was there before he exited the program.

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Ferrari fund Imola tests lead to discussion. But for the FIA, everything is fine

Every inch of Ferrari is studied and checked by opponents. Some teams, including McLaren, have prepared a letter to be sent to the FIA ​​asking for clarification on a specific car bottom that Sainz used in the Pirelli 2023 tire tests (in which Leclerc also took part), which took place on Wednesday after the GP at Imola. According to the regulations in this type of tire testing, you cannot try new parts but only components already used on weekends or in group tests. Not to worry inside Ferrari, the car sent to the Imola circuit was fully compliant with the regulations. Maranello said this piece (different from the Leclerc piece) has already been used before. The federation also agreed with the Scuderia.

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