Shea’s opinion in the twenty-fourth episode

If there’s one thing that really makes me crazy, when it comes to it Big brotherIs that a shameless and pathetic attempt to seduce the whole of reality (cit). I understand that television is largely fictional, and that there are scripts, dealers, and everything else below, not to mention. But here the authors seem to forget that there’s also a 24/7 live stream (thank God) that shows us the characters for what they are, other than clips specifically packaged to protect one person and demolish someone else.

NS Katia Ricciarelli NS Manuel Portozzo I Really unbearable, Point.

I am full of capital letters to see them described as good Samaritans descending to interact with the commoners who muster that a house Who magnanimously teach them to remain in the world, when no doll is needed Mediaset Extra But you can find 2 videos randomly Twitter To realize how well they are different from the image that is transmitted directly to them. Other people, right.

Let me be clear, no one questions her amazing career or impressive personal history. This is very respectful and God forbid. But we’re on a reality show, it’s not a competition to see who has the most brilliant or painful past. in a a house They should all be equal, and above all, they should all be treated equally. But it seems clear to me that this is not exactly the way it works, and it is clear that there are – as always – children and stepson.

take Ricciarelli, for example. Last night they designed a teardrop clip on it GF VIP which – which”He gave me the will to live. I’ve done some things I haven’t done in 40 years. I had fun, had a great time and understood that you should never stop dreamingAll too beautiful, for heaven’s sake. Too bad they’ve totally outgrown (number) Suspicious sayings have come out of her mouth in recent days.

Where it was possible to sacrifice others in the public square, a minute at 21.40, not even a reminder of it after half time, loving care because “Day Katia, do not say that. But I love you momo!Nothing at that time Rich * NortheastAddressed to Alex Bailey, nothing when About Sami Youssef, talk about us and about you. And absolutely nothing until this time. If this is not protection…

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more than Alfonso Signorini moved because “You don’t have to feel useless“I was definitely expecting him to be pissed off for being in the ranks.”Abnormal“. While that – case guard – None of this. Two weights and two scales, as always.

The same goes for nominations. when Lulu Selassie Exceeding the 30-second allowed period to choose who to vote is disqualified. Not to mention the party she got next time for daring to vote Manila Nazarote Without a good reason. Assuming I Geocas Casilla I love him madly, but you saw Afonzo Give him the same treatment, yesterday, when he was guilty of the same guilt as the princess?

Nothing makes me more angry than those who raise their voices with the weakest only to play the deceiver with the strong. It is clear in this context that I am not talking about “weak” and “strong” in the absolute sense, but from the point of view of popularity and attractiveness of television. Katia Ricciarelli And Katia RicciarelliThen we make ourselves fit even when people give some.”Pathetic“or”dissatisfied woman‘when he yells’If they were my nieces, I would slap themWhen you expect an apology even though the drama started with her. And when you threatenThrow a shoe on her head and poke a hole in her, bitch“We also have some big laughs.

do you think that “You ruined my reputationTo swim in the pool with Aldo MontanoNot that it’s been three months since we saw her master defeat that person a house Treating any person with superiority, pardoning those who have turned to her service, making scorched earth about those who dare contradict her, choosing what may or may not be spoken of, as well as determining how others ought to act. Arrogant, arrogant, bully and domineering. And then he has the courage to say “You can learn many things from me, such as humility“.

But if you give Ricciarelli I wasn’t expecting much (especially since I remember the often anomalous characters who brought together people of a certain age GF VIPGive Barbara Alberti a Patricia de Blanc), the real disappointment for me was Manuel. In the first episodes, regardless of the personal story, he shocked me because he had the face of a good boy and the right answer is always ready. He seemed sympathetic, sensitive, tactful and endowed with great humanity. In short, I couldn’t be more wrong.

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Episode after episode turned out to be miserable, rude, opportunistic, and incredibly selfish. Yesterday he had the audacity to say “When it was comfortable lulu We were engaged, and when it didn’t suit her, we were single“When he spent weeks leaving her and getting her back when she went to him, not even a rag doll for his use and consumption. He obviously didn’t care about the princess’s feelings, and always put his needs before hers. Who, for heaven’s sake, has many flaws and doesn’t even hide them, and when he establishes himself Behind the pain in the past to get rid of the bullshit he does today, it drives me out of my mind.. But he deserves respect like everyone else, damn it.

I can also pretend I don’t believe Rumors circulating on the web which attributes the apparent intolerance of Afonzo from the direction of lulu (naturally “With those glasses you’re crazy Aska, I love!‘) Because the story with her smashed a picture BorzozoHis favorite and his favorite for victory“Huh. But, the first point, was really Gentlemen To advance the story by induction Selassie because “You are beautiful together“, himself Manuel In order to get blocks in the loop he walked us well before he made a point. And secondly, destroy an image Borzozo He was already thinking about it himself. To the maximum extent lulu Help him go from being a victim, with his obsessive behavior, at least up to the thousand”DamnSomeone started to open their eyes even on behalf of Manuel.

Who is ashamed of the (definitely misplaced) reactions of the princess, not of her rudeness. Fortunately, he thought about it yesterday Adriana Volpi To indicate that “There is a way and a way of saying things, the reality is seen outside the classroom in these moments“For as far as I am concerned the madness continues to justify his revolutions because of”He’s pissed off, you never gave up, you pulled them out a bit“.”Get a little of it“So we are the same old rhetoric that in the face of provocation every reaction is justified? For me, both are unjustified, she is very obsessive and he – who yesterday laughed even in her face as he cried – a very miserable period.

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Manuel He came by saying he didn’t want discounts, but the truth is – like a Katia – Anything goes to him. While others are being scolded live, if he doesn’t reveal himself, he laughs because “you are worse than Pontius Pilate-I adore!“.twenty-two surprises are reserved for him, while there are people who have been there since September 13 and haven’t seen anyone yet. He can say the worst of scoundrels, like this undeserved.”fell right” a Jessica SelassieThen he justifies himself by saying that.I was nervousNot to mention the enduring immunity he didn’t have last night and for the first time.

The truth is – If he does not leave the game before the extension – We’ll find him straight in the final, risking a win. Why, immunity or not, in it a house Full of paracool *pimps brave enough to call him you wouldn’t have them even if he peed* on his head. His victory would be doubly unfair. First, for Sila, who turns out to be speaking humanely. And secondly because, apart from the little story that bothers him so much, there are more transparent windows on the veranda. The one that at least has sponsor stickers on it and you’ll notice it.

note. What are you saying, I didn’t even mention the drama between them Soleil rise that it Alex Bailey who claims the right toThe ability to love two women at the same time“I miss a word about the backfire between them Sophie Codejoni NS Janmaria Antinolfi? The truth is, if I wanted a story series, I’d open it Netflix, who at least behave better there.

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