The island of Lori del Santo’s famous love story with Marco Cocolo? His mother is talking about him

The island of Lori del Santo’s famous love story with Marco Cocolo?  His mother is talking about him

Fiction or reality? wrecked ship famous island, Laurie Del Santo and Marco Cocolo It will be different from how Appears on TV. to report it Lina, mother of a former Napoli model. there Women, Younger than Laurie six years, But it didn’t happen obstructed This love story that lasted 9 years. In an interview with the weekly newspaper Nuovo, Lena told how, although her son was often called boy game Laurie, it’s actually not the case. “Alone, the spouses are many Different. In public, they tease him and Lory makes him look like Game. But in everyday life between them there is something great Understanding. be a couple unified. Neither she nor my son would have lasted more than nine years in a relationship that wasn’t it’s working“.

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In spite of difference Old, two untouchables They get along very well. there Presence Cucolo dell’Isola dei Famosi was her time Decisive in a moment Difficult From the life of Laurie: the former star of to cut at He lost his son Lauren in 2018, who passed away suicide. A huge loss after the 1991 accident that killed life To the little Connor who fell from the balcony.

Furthermore, Marco Cucolo’s mother did not Removal Marriage with Lory Del Santo after the end of the adventure in Honduras. Lory Del Santo’s party will be the first, as she hasn’t had a big dream yet to wear The white dress, despite its abundance Likes Including Eric Clapton.

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Ms. Lina also talked about physical From the son who appeared painted at recent days. In fact, the woman said Kokolo gained several kilos, because he was affected by the effect full closure Due to the Covid-19 emergency, eat more than you should.

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