Anna Falci, the secret of her diet lies here: what she does in the evening to always stay fit

Anna Falci, the secret of her diet lies here: what she does in the evening to always stay fit
Anna Valchi Evod

Anna Falci, do you know the secret of the showgirl’s amazing beauty and perfect figure? Here’s what he does to always be on top.

If we talk about Anna ValchiWe are talking about, Without ifs or msA, from one Pretty woman And Equipped with magnetic charm. It made itself known in Italy primarily as model And Typical imageIn the name of his amazing beauty and body 10/10. Characteristics that he did not lose Not yetwho completed his first course 51 years old last April.

In short, time seems to have stopped for her 20 years ago. Actually it didn’t happen Nothing to envy To one 30 years. Then as now He fascinates millions of men with her beauty And sensualityThat flows from every pore. On social media, especially on his official and highly-followed Instagram profile, he presents many shots related to himself Everyday lifealso off tv.

In the summer we were delighted with The story of his days at the seashoreHe spent most of it with Daughter Alyssa. I She’s now single again, it seems I feel good like this. It’s all about him a job It’s connected The role of the mother Which makes her really happy. the summerwhich just ended, it was perfect to see it again Swimming suitmostly in bikini.

And so we were able to see that she still had it Top fitness. Basically his body is in great shape and prepared Classic curves placed at the right point. for him Decollete It’s a scream, Lou Pointed legs and this is Thigh lift from Manual. The skin of the face is Bright and comfortable And free of defects.

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Anna Valchi’s lifestyle

clearlyRAnd mother nature She was very generous with it. However, it must also be recognized that it was never, as they say, With hands in hand And she always worked hard for it Respect what he gave her. Likes Play sports And relax with a long time Walking outdoorswhich is considered a real panacea for both physical That’s for spirit.

When he is at the seashore, he does not even despise those near the shore Barefoot in sand and water. And why not, when the season permits, it is not denied either Some nice snorkeling And Refreshing swimming. And how a cool girl behaves at the table I? Maybe follow Some diet In particular to remain cVery beautiful and appropriate?.

Anna Valchi and her beauty secret
Anna Valchi Evod

The diet that Valchi follows

there Presenter, an actress And model revealed Don’t actually follow any diet In particular and I love good foodespecially Italian kitchen. In any case Mediterranean diet is preferred And love Eat fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables. not big Lover Subordinate candies So depriving herself of it is not a big sacrifice at all.

This helps her maintain her fitness, as she herself says Don’t overeat dinner to Don’t burden your stomachOr give yourself a better night’s sleep, which is as it should be restaurant owner to Do your best at work And make it work as it should Metabolism. Beyond that it tends to Keep yourself constantly hydrateddrinking canons 2 liters of water daily.

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