Paola Ferrari Drama: Disfigured by Ugly Evil | How are you today

Paola Ferrari Drama: Disfigured by Ugly Evil |  How are you today

Paola Ferrari, a well-known sports journalist, spoke with an open heart, telling the bad story she got involved in. From the bad evil she had to contend with to the marks the operation left on her face, leaving her disfigured.

Paula Ferrariknown in the House of Rai Sports records. She has always been a beautiful, well-groomed woman who is always flawless from the makeup and hair side. Unfortunately, she would never have expected such a misfortune due to a boil similar to pimple.

Paola Ferrari

It takes a lot of inner strength to get through all of this without losing reason. It’s not easy to look in the mirror every day and constantly see what the life-saving operation has left on your face. This is what Paula Ferrari has to do whenever you want see his face. But how are you today?

Paola Ferrari and her career in the football branch

Paola Ferrari is known above all for hosting the beloved Mama Rai in several editions. 90 minutes. Plus, she’s always been hanging out in the football world, in fact we remember her alongside Enzo Tortura managing Portobello not to mention her dribbling with Gianni Circiti and the various versions of Dominica Sportiva. “Veteran” for house rai is the more correct term when talking about Paula. Unfortunately, this rise was suddenly interrupted by a bad bad that changed her life.

The “pimple” that ruined her life

Who does not wake up in the morning at least once a week with a few pimples on their face? Almost everyone, especially women. This is what happened to Paola Ferrari. Regardless of that strange mark on her face, luckily for her one day, due to a service, she found herself in the right place at the right time. in the corridorsEuropean Institute of OncologyThe doctor suspected this protrusion and advised her to do it immediately to examine. Unfortunately, the doctor saw it correctly, and the diagnosis was only one: Nodal carcinoma infiltrate.

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Paula Ferrari and The Scar
Paola Ferrari

Emergency surgery Paola Ferrari underwent a delicate three-hour operation, in which doctors fortunately managed to save her life. However, this tumor is subtle and deeply destroys facial tissue, costing her one long scar and 40 stitches. beautiful Paula Today is a good dayshe’s back for the dribbling procedure and she’s not shy about showing off that scar (even if makeup covers her almost completely) that scar that she remembers and reminds us all of that. Prevent It’s the only weapon we have to try to prevent cancer.

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