The federation will repay them $ 400 million –

From Marco Bonarico

This is the first time an Indianapolis court has awarded gymnasts and former gymnasts who were assaulted by former federal team doctor Larry Nasser the American team who was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Four hundred million dollars Compensation (353.98 million euros), approximately 900 thousand for each of the more than 400 athletes who have been sexually harassed and assaulted: this is the first amount awarded to gymnasts and former gymnasts who have been assaulted by an Indianapolis court. Former US team doctor Larry Nasser has been sentenced to life in prison Following the biggest scandal in American sports history. To bear the amount (currently fifty players are not on contract) The National Gymnastics Federation (Exit from bankruptcy proceedings) with some coverage by the insurance policies prescribed at that time.

The amount of the contract (initially $ 500 million, approximately 20 420 million) was approved. The vast majority After more than a month of debate, the final approval was scheduled for December 13 by the athletes: the injured party rejected a plan to immediately dismantle 215 million. To engage in investigation e Among the allegations leveled by superstar Simon Piles, Apart from the federation, even the American Olympic and Paralympic teams were aware of the doctor’s behavior (which took advantage of the girls during the test) and did nothing to stop him. The battle of the gymnastics stars will continue – world and Olympic champion B said in a letteriles, Maroni, Nichols e Riceman – Unless the US Congress completely reshuffles the committee, the formal problem of malpractice in the Olympic fields could not be controlled.

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Larry Nasser – Has been the women’s team’s central physician for 18 years, but has also been the health manager Michigan State University And Holt High School – accused of abusing at least 499 female athletes, most of them minors. Internationally, accusations are mounting against federations that are at least inattentive to the behavior of athletes or coaches who engage in harassment or violence. Already in a storm of administrative matters, the French Athletics Federation is now (calling for a disciplinary hearing) allegations against two sprinters of 4×100 participating in the Tokyo Games, Fall of Mohammed and Amouri Golidin Many wonder what the role of judo is Attack on federal coach / Olympic gold medalist Margaux Pinot. The American phrase – too heavy – sets an important precedent for lazy or inactive sports organizations.

December 4, 2021 (Alternate December 4, 2021 | 14:20)

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