Several Sports Video Games Stand Out from the Rest

Iterations of regularly updated series are the best way to play sports games. This is more common for sports-related video games than most other genres. However, this does not mean that the list will only contain the latest FIFA and Football Manager. 

These games are among the most popular in sports, but they have a purpose. They are truly the best at what they do, the same way the best online casino platforms stand out. While subtle tweaks can be made to the established formula, they still stand out from the rest.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Pick-up-and-play bopping of home runs is accessible, but it’s an expanded franchise model that offers surprising longevity. Moreover, it’s simpler than MLB The Show 21, which may very well make it onto this list later in 2018. 

However, it still provides the right balance between player profession and managerial strategy. This is especially enjoyable on the Nintendo Switch, which despite its many strengths, has a low level of top-drawer sports efforts.


FIFA would not be FIFA without its gamers. The loot box mechanics in Ultimate Team pack-opening require additional transparency. As a package, few games (or games of any kind) can offer you as much return on your investment.

FIFA 21’s ability to jump into and out of simmed matches greatly improved career mode and FIFA 22 continues that trend. Volta can also be a five-aside distraction. Having every license in the sun enhances the on-pitch action.

Fight Night Champion

Fight Night Champion, Microsoft’s backwards compatible program, is now available on Xbox Series X. EA’s excellent treatment of fringe sports is combined with precise controls and graphics that are still able to stop you dead in your tracks. Fight Night Champion’s Champion Mode is in the other corner. Andre Bishop’s story is a testament to a new wave of narratives that will punctuate sports games over the next decade.

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Fight Night would be nothing without the bell-to-bell gameplay. The bruising action is still powerful, and the thrill of rising from the punching bag to the prizefighter within the Legacy Mode remains captivating. The Fight Night series is never out of reach, thanks to this complete package.

F1 2020

Formula One’s official franchise has had a turbulent decade. F1 2014 was a disappointment for many. It’s now back in top form, and F1 2020 is the best racing game you can purchase today. F1 2020 offers a completely different racing experience than Forza Horizon 4. 

Single-player career action is available. You can replace an existing driver to be one of the 10 or form your own team to be the 11th. Online racing is also possible. You can race with many classic cars and explore F2 vehicles.

Football Manager 2022

You’d be able to tell the difference between the real-life simulation and the one you play in Championship Manager, no matter if you were a child or a seasoned football manager. You can negotiate transfers, offer new contracts, and interact with the media. FM isn’t able to control players directly, but it offers a more complete tactical simulation than any other on the market.

Football Manager 2022 combines everything that the series excels at over the past decade into one package. It is the most successful FM game ever. You have a story to share and a legacy you can leave, and it is both exciting and nerve-racking.

Rocket League

Some ideas are so simple that it is difficult to imagine a world without them. Rocket League is an example of such a simple idea. Rocket League, which was introduced in 2015 and is free with PS Plus, allows teams to have up to four lock bumpers. It’s basically soccer with cars.

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Rocket League’s greatest strength is its accessibility. Each button can be used to drive, jump and boost. You can do all the rest, including the seemingly endless meta-skills ceiling that involves flips, floating jumps, and seal-like precision using the ball. 

Its staying power speaks volumes about developer Psyonix’s ability to tweak the addictive formula. This game will likely continue to be talked about in the 2020s with new cars, celebrations, variations, and other modifications to the classic format.

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