“Matches like this make coaches happy. Bisc, what a character. Champions League draw, I say to City.”

“Matches like this make coaches happy. Bisc, what a character. Champions League draw, I say to City.”

A win at a stadium that has remained haunted for them, a move to second place in the standings, another clean sheet and another strong performance: these are just the happy notes with which Inter returns to the Stadio Olimpico, where they defeated Lazio 2-0. This is the first comment from the Nerazzurri coach Simone Inzaghi To DAZN microphones:

Until today we had the feeling that Inter allowed the opponent to vent and then bit him.
“Let’s say that these matches are the matches that make coaches happy. We all suffered together without conceding much against Lazio and we won on a very difficult field where it will be difficult for everyone to score points.”

Did you expect this impact from Marcus Thuram and Lautaro Martinez?
“Yes, they are in very good condition. But all of Inter are in good condition. We came to a difficult stadium, with many important players on our field like De Vrij, Cuadrado, Sanchez and Dumfries. We were good in the face of difficulties, and we covered the field well. On the Rovella occasion we should have been better because we had possession of the ball, but it was the only chance that the team that finished second that year had and not by chance.

What are the obstacles to the second star?
“The 22 championship matches plus the other missing matches. We have been leading for several days, but we have to keep going in one direction. We play every three days, but the players always give me excellent guarantees.”

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In such a complex match, Pesek showed great character and was up to the task.
“Very well, like all my teammates. For him it was a great test because Lazio had so many important men alongside them. He applies himself a lot, and he has learned the Italian language almost perfectly. Today, it could have been a great time to get Pavard on the field.” “A risk, but Jan was very good: he never had any problems, he showed character. He played in the Danish league, the Italian league is difficult, and tonight he faced the left side of Lazio, which puts many teams in a difficult position even in Europe.”

Is it now time to win the championship?
“No, but we have to stay there with all our might. In two and a half days we will play in the Italian Cup, which is the competition we care about. We will arrive in Milan late at night and we will face a worthy opponent. Then there are a lot of matches remaining, and we have to try to move forward with this.” “Then we will also think about the Champions League.”

Who wants to draw tomorrow?
“I say Manchester City, then we’ll see what happens.”

Does he want revenge for Istanbul?
“All the teams are very strong, and any team will be a test.”

How did you experience this match?
“22 years at Lazio will never be forgotten. I will always be grateful to this club and these fans. Then I am happy with Inter and with the win, but I rarely forget the good things and these fans loved me.”

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