Vince Kekmanovic in the live group

Vince Kekmanovic in the live group

Monte Carlo (French) – The adventure ends immediately Matteo Berrettini At the ATP Monte Carlo, the third Masters tournament of the 1000 season will be held in the principality from April 7 to Sunday 14. The Romanian tennis player was defeated in the first round by the Serbian. miomir kekmanović, n. 50 in the world rankings. Now it's up to Lorenzo MusettiHe participated in the second round against the French Arthur Son. follow her direct Dell match


Beretini, fatigue and ground conditions

A harsh defeat for Blue, who leaves the field Apology With the audience. a mix of Tiredbecause of the last tournament he won in Marrakesh, and Poor soil conditionswith the ground being heavy due to the rain, contributed to the elimination immediately after his first appearance.


Kekmanovic wins and Berrettini is eliminated!

The adventure ends immediately Beretini In Monte Carlo he wins Kekmanović With heavy 6-3, 6-1. A lot of fatigue For the Romanian tennis player, who had just returned from victory in Marrakesh, and who found himself facing the Serb in great form.


Beretini reaction: 1-5

Roman's first match in this second set. Now Kekmanovic is needed for the match.


Battle of Berrettini: 0-5

Blue continues to fight, however Kekmanović He also confirmed the second break and is now one step away from victory.


Kecmanovic broke again: 0-4

The situation is very complicated for Berrettiniwith the finding of Kekmanović Second break He poses a serious threat to the match.

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Berrettini Struggles: 0-3

Much Tired For Blue, who failed to find the counter-kick and fell in the score. In this sentence Domina Kekmanović.


Berrettini collapses: 0-2

immediately De Kekmanovic fracturewhere the Romanian tennis player canceled two break points but collapsed in the third with a backhand down the line that took the Serbian striker.


Kekmanovic holds serve: 0-1

last witty Serbian (Fourth of the match) who holds the serve and immediately takes the lead in the second set.


Kecmanović won the first set

Third break from the Serbianwho thanks to another forehand hit into the net by Berrettini and closed the first set with a score 6-3. It was now difficult for Blue, who was forced to return.


Kekmanović defends himself: 3-5

Berrettini puts the game in the Serbian's favour He defends himself and holds serveprolongation of the result.


Beretine reacts: 3-4

A good role in the line of duty for the Romanian, who finds The first ace And shorten the distances. We need a break to get back.


Kekmanović confirms the break: 2-4

Excellent match from the Serbian, with a zero serve to confirm the break and the advantage.


Kekmanovic fracture: 2-3

Another huge mistake by Berrettini, who sends and receives a forehand Another break. We have to regroup again.


Beretini reaction: against breakage!

Beretini immediate reactionwhich he finds immediately anti break Which restores equality.


Kekmanovic break: 1-2

First a double fault, then a forehand at the net: Beretini Kekmanović gives a breakwhich is now being moved forward.

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Kekmanović answers: 1-1

The Serbian also holds serve, a balanced start and the score now tied.


Berrettini holds serve: 1-0

Good role at bat for the Romans, who Holds the service And moves forward.


Let's get started: Berrettini in service

The challenge begins between Berrettini and Ketchmanovic. The Romanian tennis player starts serving, and the Serbian returns.


Berrettini and Ketchmanović on the field

The two competitors go out to the field: after the long match rain In the morning and the match between De Minaur and Wawrinka, it was finally time for their match.


Berrettini-Kymanovic: And precedents

This match between Berrettini and Ketchmanovic will be the second match in his career. there Previous only It dates back to Indian Wells 2022, with the Serbian’s victory.


The sinner will challenge Korda: all the details

Meanwhile, the name of the competitor was discovered in his first appearance Yannick Siner. This is American Sebastian Kordawhich he overcame Spanish Alexander Davidovich Fokina. Here are all the details of the challenge. Read everything


De Minaur-Wawrinka ends: It's Berrettini's turn

He was released Court of Rainier IIIDe Minaur quickly settled the second set by defeating Wawrinka (6-3, 6-0). Now space for Berrettini and Ketchmanovic.


Berrettini and Fognini in the Italian International Championship

Meanwhile, attendance has been announced Berrettini and Fognini to Italian internationals Thanks two Wildcard. Read everything


Berrettini awaits his debut in Monte Carlo

Romanian tennis player, new winner ofATM machine in MarrakeshHe will play his first match against Kekmanović. But he has to wait for the end of the match between De Minaur and Wawrinka, who is currently in the second group.

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Berrettini vs. Kekmanović, like seeing it on TV

Matteo Berrettini is ready to face Kekmanovic in the first round of the Monte Carlo Championship. Here is all the information to follow the challenge. Read everything

Monte Carlo – Principality of Monaco

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