Skriniar, don’t restart PSG. The market is closed to Inter, but from Paris…

Skriniar, don’t restart PSG.  The market is closed to Inter, but from Paris…

The expected return of the Frenchman did not come to the Slovakian defender, who is heading towards staying at Inter until the end of the season.

No re-release from PSG, so Milan Skriniar should stay at Inter until the end of the season. But today is the last day of the transition and anything can happen.

“Inter and Paris Saint-Germain did not reach any agreement regarding Milan Skriniar. What’s more: the re-launch expected by Chang’s club did not come from Paris. So much so that the Nerazzurri themselves late in the evening left the now-closed-market message browsing and one So Skriniar was destined to stay in Milan. But this is the market, and prudence is never enough. Certainty can disappear in a few hours, and deals that are not clear during a phone call can reopen. Thus, until 8pm – maybe a few hours less, given the commitment in the Coppa Italia against Atalanta – it is right to keep any scenario alive.”explains La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Certainly, Skriniar last night was closer to staying in Milan than going to Paris. Which is surprising in some ways, given the optimism that has permeated in recent days. Yesterday, in the afternoon, there were also rumors of an increase that had already reached headquarters: from 10 million already rejected to 12-13. A hypothesis denied by Inter. He also made the discussion regarding the possibility of replacing Skriniar.

“Yesterday the Slovak trained regularly in Appiano, in a difficult psychological state. He is engaged by the French club, it remains only to understand when the marriage will be finalized. The maximum is still set at 20 million euros, but now the road because the immediate launch towards Paris has become narrow.” It is the fate of a company that started badly and ends worse than ever.”closes the newspaper.

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