TMW – Monza, Galliani: “I never thought of Belotti. Blitz for Icardi and Dzeko? Paris is more glamorous than Sarajevo”

TMW – Monza, Galliani: “I never thought of Belotti. Blitz for Icardi and Dzeko? Paris is more glamorous than Sarajevo”


Adriano GallianiThe general manager of Monza on the sidelines of the press conference to present the new uniforms also spoke to the microphones of the media present and from them “Tenth place is neither a minimum nor a maximum goal, it is a goal that should be given. I grew up in companies and companies have to set goals for themselves, it is normal. I think the goal is the 10th place. Then I don’t know if we will go up a bit or less A little. I really like setting goals, although they say it brings bad luck. In my opinion no. Last year I had the courage to say that We had only one goal: to go to the First Division, and we succeeded. Last night everyone was calmer and calmer , they understood what they had to do. This is the goal of the company, then I don’t know what the arrangement will be like this strange league: never manage to play 15 games and then stay for two months, you’ll have to make other preparations. I don’t know if it will be a good tournament Bad mom. It’s a tough seal tournament.”

Newly promoted but tied to market rumors about the big names: Icardi, Dzeko…
“This is an upgrade recently owned by Silvio Berlusconi. It is the Berlusconi brand that pays that attention here. Berlusconi in sport has meant Milan for many years. We are still young as a club, but we have great ownership.

Tell us about the blitzkrieg in Sarajevo for Dzeko: wouldn’t the blitzkrieg in the Icardi house be logistically easier?
“Paris is brighter than the mountains of Sarajevo.”

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Have you thought about Icardi?
“We didn’t think of anyone. Barcelona president Joan Laporta once told me: ‘Don’t deny the market news, let them go.’ We are not offended when we hear the numbers from Barro, Dzeko or Icardi.”

Monza’s strength is proprietary?
“Obviously there is a lot of ambition here. It has also gone well for a few Italian clubs, who won the lottery with us this year because they gave us players free of charge if we go to A. Convinced we will go to Serie A in two years’ time. It sounded like a dream, we signed these commitments and we had to respect them.”

on betagna.
“I feel it, I listen to it, I love it. I often talk in the evenings with the guys I’ve had for years, they are all friends. When you meet by chance between me and Betania kisses and hugs, but from there become a player from Monza passes there.”

Is Marlon the defense’s first name?
“Because of his technical characteristics, he is in demand. Not that we take him, but I answer a question. There are no particular steps forward for him. We talk to a lot of people, we get incredible offers.”

Were there contacts with Inter Pinamonte?
“Yes, there was. Enough, nothing else. Of course we like it. It’s a little pricey, but we like it. It’s an Italian boy, it has the characteristics that Monza owners like. The only drawback. It’s a bit expensive.”

Updates for Perola?
“We thank him for what he did, he is in our hearts, but there it is covered because we took Carbone. But Inter knows that, with Ausilio, Marotta and Paquin the relations are excellent”

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Have you ever thought about Belotti?
“No, we haven’t thought about it at the moment. We know he’s free. But we are looking for a top striker with different technical characteristics.”

Galliani has missed the market: and now he’s back in making a great market
“The market is created when possible. You have to have the availability and we are lucky enough to have Silvio Berlusconi behind us. If I can carry out transactions, I always have to thank him. We talk to each other 2-3 times a day, I always suggest purchases that he pays for.” After that. Berlusconi has an incredible passion for Monza.”

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