Most Popular Sports Video Games in 2022

Sports video games are one of the most exciting forms of participation for sports fans, or just casual gamers looking to kick back and have a good time— there is truly something for everyone.

For example, racers playing Forza motorsport may not be familiar with betting NASCAR odds, but they will be learning more about racing, cars, drivers, and tracks, thereby increasing their overall interest in the sport. This is why the sports gaming community is so closely entrenched with real-life athletics.

So, here are the most popular sports games in 2022 and what each has to offer.


FIFA is a soccer (football) game that has tons of different playing options, including head-to-head matchups with real teams, career modes with custom or existing players and managers, and pro clubs, which is like a schoolyard exhibition match linking random players with their custom-made pros, and the all-popular ultimate team, which allows players to assemble their best rosters and compete in seasons or competitions to win different prizes.

FIFA has long been a hit but now focuses especially on adding realistic physics and attributes to the game, such as balance, agility, and common skill moves, whereas older games were more arcade-style and not always representative of real-life action. FIFA is available on a variety of platforms and embraces microtransactions that allow players to accomplish different tasks, such as upgrading their players or showing their fandom.

NBA 2K22

“2K,” as it is commonly known, is a basketball game that has modes similar to FIFA such as career mode, ultimate team, and online exhibitions, but also franchise mode, allowing players to run a team, GM mode, embracing backstories and giving players control of financials, blacktop 3-on-3 games, and a custom story experience on the blacktop.

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2K22 is constantly updating player stats and releasing new cards, or versions, of players on ultimate team to give players a more customizable experience. 2K also uses badges and power-ups to help players have superhuman abilities on the court, which is always a hit. 2K, like FIFA, is most popular on ultimate team, because it gives players the chance to embrace creating and playing with their own team, ranking up and earning the chance to upgrade players along the way.

MLB The Show 2022

MLB The Show is not as widely popular as the other two games and does not necessarily penetrate the more casual fan base like FIFA and 2K have, but this year’s game is an excellent product that highlights some of the developments in the franchise. Like other games, The Show focuses on realism and has improved its graphics and physics, allowing players to feel like they are actually in one of the league’s ballparks, hitting a home run off of their favorite pitcher.

The Show, too, has the ultimate team, along with seasons, franchise mode, and a player career, known as Road to the Show. Players not only play in games in the last of these, but they can also attend practice, spend time in the weight room, and choose what they want to work on as they travel through the Minor League ranks and, ultimately, to the show— hence the name.

Madden NFL 22

Madden is another game dominated by the ultimate team, but the difference is it is more customizable than any other because of the number of players involved in a standard game. Madden also has online and offline seasons, plus franchise and career modes, allowing players to experience every aspect of their favorite sport. Madden is especially popular in Ultimate Team for frequently releasing boosted editions of players, as well as retired stars that make up the all-time lists.

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Madden is a game of skill and allows players to call audibles and hot routes on the fly, particularly on defense, leaving opponents to deal with entirely new schemes never-before-seen in the National Football League.

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