Serie A – Report Cards Sassuolo-Inter 1-0: Llorente decisive, Lautaro not opening. Roller shutter tip

Serie A – Report Cards Sassuolo-Inter 1-0: Llorente decisive, Lautaro not opening.  Roller shutter tip
Sassuolo-InterA match valid for the 35th round of the Italian League, which ended with a score of 1-0 thanks to Llorente’s goals. With this result, Sassuolo’s score rises to 29 points in the standings. Below are the votes of the champions of the match.

Sassuolo report cards

Andrea Conselli 6.5 – It is also thanks to him that Inter did not score goals for the first time in the league. The saves at the end of the first half were particularly decisive.

Marash Kumbula 6 – Sanchez may be a difficult customer, but he knows how to defuse him. Also effective on other members of Inter’s attack.

Gian Marco Ferrari 6 – Proof that he is a true captain who wants to maintain this category. He leads the defense well, containing the Nerazzurri’s attacks.

Martin Ehrlich 6 – A cautious defensive game, and it was not easy for Lautaro to stay under control. Also good when setting up from the back.

Matthews Henrique 6.5 – He doesn’t save the ball until he’s almost ninety. He’s running and sorting, recovering and preparing. Multi-level in the midfield in black and green (dall’86’ Uros Rakić Street)

Luca Libani 6.5 – Ballardini throws him into the fray in the middle and he responds with a powerful match. Right face and a shot from outside the area, interfered with by Odero (From the 71st minute Pedro Obiang 6 – Ballardini sends him onto the field near the end to close the rows and management. The mission succeeded)

Jeremy Tulgan 5,5 – You don’t often see him more preoccupied with defensive tasks than offensive ones (From 86′ Filippo Messori SV)

Josh Doig 6.5 – He immediately understood Dumfries’ uncertainty by snatching the ball from their feet and providing the assist for Llorente’s 1-0 goal.

Andrea Pinamonti 6 – The usual match is decided in favor of playing teammates who revolve around him. He often runs to others as well.

Armand Laurenti 7 – The challenge is resolved in the first half. The fourth goal in the last 4 matches. Unfortunately for Sassuolo, they only woke up in the spring after a long hibernation. But maybe it’s not too late…

Coach Davide Ballardini 6.5 – Grit and character. Sassuolo scores three golden points in the struggle for survival. An aggressive first half in which the goal came directly, and the second half was controlled in an organized manner.

Inter report cards

Emile Odero 6 – He can’t do much with Llorente’s shot, before reacting to Libani’s shot. Quiet recovery.

Alessandro Bastoni 6 – He immediately tries to move forward as he usually does, searching for his teammates with crosses and suggestions (70′ Tajon Buchanan 6 – He enters the field well, trying to create some solutions on the left)

Stefan de Vrij 6.5 – Strong match. In the first half, he confronts any threat that comes within his defensive radar. He has less work to do in the second half.

Denzel Dumfries 4.5 – Massive sleep during 1-0. Doig reads the uncertainty, snatches the ball from his feet and provides the assist for Llorente. He’s wasting Aslani’s excellent advice by kicking hard (Dahl 60′ Juan Squire 6 – A few runs and a few more)

David Fratesi 5 – He goes back to his ex-wife and isn’t playing his best game of the season. He looks a bit lost, but Mapei Stadium should know him like the back of his hand… (From 70′ Nicola Barella 5.5 – He goes in to raise the revs but within twenty minutes he can never put his foot on the accelerator)

Christian Aslani 6.5 – Among the best Nerazzurri players. Constant verticality in an attempt to speed up the game. He delivers an attractive ball that Dumfries fails to convert into a goal (I gave 74′ Davy Klaassen SV)

Henrikh Mkhitaryan 6 – Racing without a hat-trick, very hardworking and error-free. It is difficult for voting to move from simple sufficiency (Dahl 60′ Marko Arnautovic 5 – Half an hour to put yourself in the light instead of spending it in the shade)

Carlos Augusto 5.5 – Lautaro’s goal came from a deflected shot, but it was disallowed due to offside. His game boils down to this: something that could have been and never quite was.

Alexis Sanchez 5.5 – It continues and stops. When he gets in, he can make himself dangerous in a heartbeat. But there are very few cases where he is able to show himself.

Coach Simone Inzaghi 5.5 – Two matches with Sassuolo, two defeats. Seeing how it turned out can be considered painless. Inter cannot be asked to keep up the pressure when the party is over. It’s right to make room for everyone and experiment for next season.

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