Live between Argentina and Saudi Arabia 1-2: an exciting defeat for Messi

Live between Argentina and Saudi Arabia 1-2: an exciting defeat for Messi

1:06 p.m

103 ‘- The match ended and Saudi Arabia won

It ends here! A loud defeat for Argentina against Saudi Arabia. Messi’s World Cup starts in the worst way.


95′ – Fear on the field due to an injury Al Shahrani

Intense fear of al-Shahrani’s injury. The outgoing goalkeeper hit his defender with a knee on the head. Immediately medical staff in the field to help him. The player was removed from the field but conscious.


90′ – Eight minutes of extra time

The referee decided eight minutes of extra time: Argentina attacks the opponent’s goal.


84′ – Messi’s header

Free kick from an interesting position to Lionel MessiThe ball is high over the crossbar.


80′ – Bad penalty from Messi

Free kick from an interesting position to Lionel MessiThe ball is high over the crossbar. bad.


78′ – Substitute Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Substitution: The Exodus of Saleh Al-Shehri, Sultan Al-Ghanam in.


75′ – Argentina can’t find space

Lautaro Martinez He fed deep, as he did several times in the first half, but this time the Saudi goalkeeper came out of the penalty area and cleared the ball.


63 ‘- An exciting tackle by Al Owais

Incredible tackle from Al Owais. In a group of balls, Tagliafico finds them between his feet and sends two steps towards the goal, with The Arab goalkeeper forced a great diving save.


59′ – Three substitutions for Argentina

Triple replacement for Argentina. Alvarez, Fernandez and Lisandro Martinez enter Gomez, Paredes and Romero


53′ – Saudi Arabia takes the lead

Saudi Arabia score again and do it with a great goal Al-Dosari! The attacker controls the ball, carries it to the right, jumps on the opponent and kicks the cross.

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48′ – goal from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia tied! monthly Enters the penalty area decisively against two, assisted by Firas Al Barkan, kicks diagonally with his left foot and Overtake Emiliano Martinez.


45′ – The second half begins

Let’s start again. The era of departure to Argentina.

11:51 a.m

51 ‘- The first half ends

After six minutes of recovery The first half of Argentina and Saudi Arabia ends. The South Americans take the lead from Messi’s penalty kick, but Saudi Arabia is always in the game and with a good kick pruning defensive that did not leave spaces. The selection is not very precise in the last step: Three goals not allowed for offside.


48′ – Di Maria couldn’t find the goal

Another try Argentina, not very accurate in maneuvering. Paredes long throw, to Marie In the stretching area, he hits the ball, but does not find the goal mirror.


34′ – Argentina, still offside!

Score another goal from argentinaAnother offside pointed out by the referee. attackers South america Not very accurate either in passing or departing towards the area: again Lautaro Martinez sneak log.


27′ – Lautaro Martinez scores offside

Argentina doubled, but still Offside. Great goal Lautaro Martinez With a through ball between Paredes’ lines, the Inter striker hooks the ball and hits the goalkeeper with a hole: the players rejoice, but after two minutes the referee raises his arm and decides to be offside.


23′ – Messi disallows a goal

Messi scores againBut this time The goal is not regular. A vertical throw of the number 10, which is a few centimeters away from the defense line of Saudi Arabia. Then the Paris Saint-Germain striker scored the goal, but the referee stopped everything due to offside.

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11:21 a.m

21 ‘- Try by Gomez

Daddy Gomez Tries from a distance. From the left, the former Atalanta striker tried round shot which finished high.


15 ‘- Saudi Arabia is trying

Messi goal collected Saudi Arabia is trying to respond: High center of gravity and clarity, the team tries to keep the Argentines in their own half.


10′ – Messi gives Argentina the lead

Argentina feature: Messi is very cool From the point you dislodge the goalkeeper and score the goal 1-0


9 ‘- Penalty kick for Argentina

Ali Al-Baleeh belt in Baredy areas: Var calls the referee to the observer and concedes the kick Accuracy.


3′ – Argentina are closing in on Messi

Immediately Great occasion to form scaloni. Di Maria from the right finds a through ball in the area that was caught Messi: Low and quick shot but well blocked diving from to me Ois.


1 ‘- starting Argentina and Saudi Arabia

out of the game, Off to Saudi Arabia With green shirt and white shorts. Argentina With his usual Albiceleste shirt and dark shorts.

10:55 a.m

Argentina and Saudi Arabia in the field of the national anthem

Here we go, they are missing Minutes before kick-off. Both teams took to the field to play their national teams’ anthems.

10:45 a.m

The killer Messi in the group stage

All six targets Lionel Messi At the World Cup they are registered in stage a groupsHe never found the net in 756 minutes of play in the knockout stage of the tournament. At the same time, Messi is the only player who has served A help in each of the last four World Cup tournaments.

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Argentina and Saudi Arabia are on the field to warm up

The stadium roared To enter the field of national teams. It started heatingIt will start in thirty minutes.


Argentina, Dybala off the bench. Rome is rooting for him

Paulo Dybala will sit on the bench For this first challenge in the World Cup. Rome is rooting for him: In Trigoria they will watch the match and his teammates hope to see him enter the field.


Argentina and Saudi Arabia celebrate a large crowd

Celebrate on and off the fieldThe two teams celebrate together before the match.


Argentina and Saudi Arabia in the stadium

The two teams arrived Lusail StadiumThe The new structure that will also host the World Championship Final. Lusail is located approximately 23 km north of Doha city centre.


Argentina was not defeated by Saudi Arabia

Argentina is undefeated In all four previous meetings vs The Arabian Peninsula Arabic (W2, D2), although this will be the first ever meeting between the two teams in a World Cup.

10 am

Argentina – Saudi Arabia, the official lineups

Argentina (4-2-3-1): Dipo Martinez, Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Papu Gomez; Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria.

Saudi Arabia (4-3-3): Al Owais, Abdul Hamid, Al Timbukti, Al Bulayhi, Al Shahrani, Al Maliki, Kano, Al Faraj, Al Shehri, Al Burikan, Al Doser

Lucille – Lusail Stadium

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