Ferrari brakes in yellow and Brembo speaks: “New mode” | FP – Formula 1

Ferrari brakes in yellow and Brembo speaks: “New mode” |  FP – Formula 1

Written by Carlo Platella
Ferrari heads into the second race of the season in Jeddah without yet explaining the cause of the brake problems it suffered in the opening round in Bahrain. Charles Leclerc was slowed by a large temperature difference between the left and right front brakes, an issue that Carlos Sainz also suffered to a lesser extent. During the week, technicians from Brembo, Ferrari's partner in developing and supplying the braking system, analyzed the available components, ruling out any defect in their components.

There are no warnings in the tests

On the eve of the race in Saudi Arabia, the Italian company issued a statement regarding the problems faced by the Reds in the opening race: “With reference to what happened during Saturday’s race in Bahrain, we confirm that this is a new situation that occurred during the race and They were not found either during tests or during initial activity At the beginning of the tournament. “The analyzes conducted by the engineers after the Bahrain Grand Prix did not highlight any anomalies in the components of the braking system.”

“Ferrari and Brembo are working together To fully illustrate the artistic image; In the meantime, the supplier is supporting the team as always, agreeing solutions to address the issue encountered during the race in Bahrain.” After the Saudi Grand Prix, Brembo and Ferrari will have two weeks to investigate, before returning to the track mid-month in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix.

Cyrine Leclerc

Yellow is still a long way off, but Ferrari has no worries on the eve of the Jeddah race. Charles Leclerc returned to the topic during the press conference in Saudi Arabia: “We've mainly focused on the brakes the last few days, but we feel ready. […] The problem cost us a lot in terms of time, especially in the first half of the raceWhen the riding was really hard: I don't expect that to happen again this weekend.”

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