Panthers on the shields in the first group! – OA Sports

Panthers on the shields in the first group!  – OA Sports

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13-13 First half powered by Ogbogu, inside Gennari on Plummer.

13-12 Frightening shoulder from fourth-place hack.

12-12 Wall Gunes on Plummer.

12-11 Bug Attack Guns!

11-11 Let’s GOOOOOOO! Two miraculous defenses by Gennaro and a counterattack from Huck!

10-11 The great first half of Lubian.

9-11 Plummer’s naivety that invades the network.

9-10 print wolves on arms! Conegliano goes back to -1!

8-10 Lubian Wall on Gabby!

7-10 Panthers Plummer Opened.

6-10 Fault Attack Hack, Conegliano difficulty.

6-9 Another block on Plummer, Santarelli calls a timeout.

6-8 Wall Gabe On Hack, Attention.

6-7 Egonu roof wall on plummer.

6-6 Broadside of Egonu from the second line.

6-5 Scale Hack works again.

5-5 Ogbogu win seven.

5-4 Another error in Gabi’s attack.

4-4 Lubian service failed.

4-3 Hack training from second place.

3-3 along the Plummer service.


2-2 big shoulder in the center of Ljubljana.

1-2 deep diagonal daldrope.

A great 1-1 opening by Wolosz won Plummer’s attack.

0-1 starts again with a narrow dribble from Egonu.

14:27 The first set was dominated by the Panthers, who excelled in all the basics: 16 attacks, 4 blocks and only 3 free fouls. 5 points for Plummer and Huck, and Ijono is the top scorer with 9.

25-18 Bloomer shuts it down!

24-18 Lob Gabi Paid.

24-17 is a wrong gun too! There are seven set points for cheetahs!

23-17 Fault in Gabi’s attack!

22-17 Moroni by Plummer on EGONU!

21-17 Gabe responded in parallel.

21-16 Squarcini enters service.

21-16 Unchallengable Parallel to Robinson Cook.

20-16 Gabi’s first match point.

20-15 coaching error by Vakifbank.

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19-15 Ogbogu ceiling wall on Robinson Cook.

19-14 De Cruyff’s second attack with a goal! Second time out for my guidity.

18-14 Robinson Cook slashes the Ogbogo wall with both hands.

17-14 Daalderop takes advantage of the slash, entering Gennari in place of Plummer.

17-13 Egonu hits an impossible shot.

17-12 There is no Robinson Cook Touch!

16-12 Challenge in progress for a potential block touch by Robinson Cook.


15-12 along Gunes’ service.

14-12 trained from Egonu from second place.

14-11 the first half of Lubien.

13-11 Net Hack invasion retreat from the attack.

13-10 Seventh point for Egonu.

13-9 No Passage! Moroni de Cruyff on Gabi!

12-9 Loeb push by Egonu, break to Vakifbank.

12-8 Egonu responds from the second line.

An excellent 12-7 chart from Wolosz, a perfect set for Haak.

11-7 Haak’s service chain ends here.

11-6 Moroni from Waluz on Gabi!

10-6 De Kruijf takes advantage of a slash!

9-6 Guidetti calls timeout.

9-6 Hack When You Cross The Lines! New extension for Conegliano.

8-6 Di Gennaro Defense and Plummer Pipe the Winner!

7-6 Robinson Cook’s shoulder, Dalderup doesn’t get there on defense.

6-6 Lubian online service.

6-5 strongest first half of Lubian!

5-5 Ace by Egonu, we immediately return to a draw.

5-4 diagonal Egonu impenetrable.

5-3 Passed by Huck from fourth.

4-3 Ogbogu Wall on Ljubljana.

A crazy 4-2 exchange that ends with an Egonu wall on Plummer.

4-1 Hack also scored from second place.

3-1 First point of the match for Egono.

3-0 limit by Palmer! What a departure for the Panthers.

2-0 diagonal win from second-row hack, Conegliano opening break.

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1-0 begins with a successful counter-attack by Plummer!

13:58 Conegliano replies with: Plummer, Robinson, De Cruyff, Lupian, Huck, Volos and De Gennaro.

13:56 This is the Vakifbank sextet: Ozbay, Ogbogu, Egonu, Gabi, Gunes, Daalderop and Aykac.

13:53 The audience of special events, in Antalya there is a full house, the atmosphere is obviously in favor of the hosts.

13:50 Today will be the challenge for the exes: Egonu and Haak have swapped clubs respectively and today they could feel more pressure.

13:47 On the other hand, Vakifbank, a team that hasn’t lost a single set so far, dominated Group A by defeating Minas (3-0) and Kuanysh and won their semi-final against Eczacibasi (3-0).

13:44 The Leopards qualified for this final after winning Group B thanks to the successes over Praia Club (3-0) and Xazibasi (3-1) and after overcoming Minas (3-0) in the semi-finals.

13:41 These two teams have faced each other 6 times in the past 6 years, with Vakifbank managing to win 4 times, including the Champions League final and the last Club World Cup final.

13:38 World title awarded, once again we will see Conegliano and Vakifbank on the field for the final chapter, two formations that have participated in all the international awards available in recent years.

13:35 Good afternoon and welcome to the live broadcast of Conegliano-VacifBank, a valid match for the 2022 Women’s Club World Cup Final.

OA Sports friends, good morning and welcome Live broadcast from Conegliano-Vakifbank, the match is valid for the 2022 Women’s Volleyball Club World Cup Final. The time has finally come to award the most coveted international trophy, once again we will see Italian and Turkish sides on the pitch in the final chapter, in what is now becoming a regular challenge, both in Europe and the world.

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Conegliano reaches this final after winning Group B thanks to victories over Praia Clube (3-0) and Eczacibasi (3-1) and after beating Minas (3-0) in the semi-finals. Instead, Vakifbank dominated Group A defeating Minas (3-0) and Kuanysh and triumphed over Eczacibasi (3-0) in the semi-finals, the Turkish team being the only ones in the tournament not to drop a single set yet. These two teams have faced each other 6 times in the last 6 years, with Vakifbank being able to win 4 times, including the Champions League final and the last Club World Cup final. Today’s challenge will be: Igono And the take , Two of the three strongest encounters in the world, they have switched clubs and can feel more pressure today. The Istanbul formation is technically the favorite for the match. In addition to the aforementioned Egonu, they are basically names GabeAnd the dalderupAnd the Gunes And the OgbogoFor his part, Conegliano can count on a very solid sextet, with several possible changes from the bench. It promises to be a great challenge in front of a sublime audience!

OA Sport offers you the live streaming of Conegliano-Vakifbank, a match valid for the FIFA Club World Cup Final 2022, news in real time, minute by minute, point by point, action by action, so you don’t really miss anything. The match will start at 14:00!

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