March 23, 2023

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Not only Allegri: Everyone is guilty at Juventus

Shame, release, resignation: trend themes that accompanyBitter awakening for Juventus fans In the wake ofAl Mahin Ko with Maccabi They depict what football is Lowest moment in the Agnelli era. Nobody is missing from the dock today. The president does not miss it Putting his face after defeat But he suffers from a management that has been very confusing and contradictory for at least three seasons. company keep it Manage that while spending astronomical sums He built an unbalanced, inconsistent and incomplete team: he bought bad, and he probably sold worse. Obviously there is the same team, Empty, unmotivated, turbulent, mathematically unprepared: she runs lower than her opponents and makes technical mistakes from the minor leagues, unlike the champions. Then there’s the artwork, there Allegri is where all the stocks converge, the catalyst for all criticism, the primary culprit, victim sacrifice at the altar of black and white frustrations. Withdrawal (punitive for some, overthinking for others) can now solve something in this administrative and sporting mess. That the derby can instead decide what’s left of A season already partially hacked Rather, it is a fact because if Agnelli – still hot – rules out every premise of exemption and if Allegri himself had done the same with the idea of ​​resignation, how could one imagine continuing without convulsions and changes if Turin Was there not the expected and hoped reaction? In short, we are in the council chamber but a verdict is to be expected, it is necessary: ​​the horizon indicated by Agnelli is very far in space and time. The Champions League is over, except for miracles. It went so bad. In fact, it was never a bad thing: three defeats in four matches in the preliminary round are unique and a disgrace in the history of Juventus. Almost the championship: the ten points that separate us from Napoli and the seven teams up front is a big rock on the word Scudetto, and today it can’t be pronounced even in Continassa. However, there is still a lot to offer: talking about the European League and qualifying for the Champions League can make you raise your nose, but there are still potential goals, secondary but possible, and above all vital. It can be accessed as long as you stop reaching for it. Out of respect for those who today feel the words “shame, excuse, resignation” as an open wound and bleeding.

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