Is the tipping point coming? Naples is convinced on one side

Is the tipping point coming?  Naples is convinced on one side

In just over two months, the contract between dries Mertens and the Naples It will go towards the deadline. It is almost impossible for the Blues to exercise the unilateral option of annual renewal, as has been rumored over the past few months, but there will be a willingness between the two parties to find a compromise.

The Belgian striker’s priority, as the same direct interest has publicly admitted during the season, remains to remain in the blue, but a mutual effort will be needed to ensure the marriage continues even after June 30.

There is the opening of De Laurentiis, the figure on the table

To assess the situation in this regard is today’s version of Corriere dello SportAccording to which the Blue Club has tangibly opened to the possibility of entering into negotiations to extend the contract.

“The player doesn’t seem to make it an economic issue at all”The newspaper reveals, adding that “If they also offered him 1.2 million euros or so, he would have no difficulty in accepting because he wants to play in Napoli.”

Napoli’s Belgian striker Dries Mertens reacts during the Serie A soccer match between Napoli and Udinese on March 19, 2022 at Diego Maradona Stadium in Naples. (Photo by Filippo Montefort/AFP) (Photo by Filippo Montefort/AFP via Getty Images)

To convince owner De Laurentiis to seriously consider the possibility of an annual renewal, it will be a technical evaluation of the number 14 which, despite 35 years on the road, can still make a difference. “The shot will never be what it used to be, for heaven’s sake, but the quality and texture of Mertens are always so precious,” The newspaper concludes.

The next few weeks – the final weeks foreseen by the contract currently in force – will be crucial to understanding whether the inextricable bond between Ciro and the city will culminate in a new agreement, thus also eliminating the many rumors about M.The market that also bears the signature of Serie A clubs.

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