June 10, 2023

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Serie A, Napoli Inter – Spalletti, is it goodbye? “If you’re not convinced you’re giving the square what it deserves…”

The 3-1 win over Inter was not enough to talk about “other things”. The only question for fans Naples is just a Luciano Spalletti He will remain on the bench Naples Also for next season? But from recent statements, it does not seem that the Tuscan coach is close to reaching an agreement with President De Laurentiis, on the contrary (there was talk of a resignation during the week). Spalletti gives the impression that there are many uncertainties about his stay. He gives the impression of not having the tools to replicate the exciting season Napoli had and his inability to put on the same kind of show for the crowd. “If you’re not convinced you’re giving this box all it deserves, it’s only right to consider itIs the symbolic phrase that Spalletti referred to in the press conference. Signs of an impending farewell?

If you are not satisfied with offering everything…


Napoli – Inter 3-1, Report Cards: Eurogol Di Lorenzo, Lukaku is always there

3 hours ago

Discourse is now defined, it’s not that you change your mind every day. It is a letter that comes from far away. Being at work from morning to evening, one matures because this show should be shown all the time. If you’re not convinced you’re giving this box all it deserves, it’s only right to consider it. You think, come to a conclusion, and then go straight. It’s not like it rained on us

Naples does not need anything

The team does not need anything or anyone to play football and has been well built by the president and Gontoli. They included youngsters who became one whole with the team, and that made all the difference. There is heart, sacrifice, availability and self-respect that makes all the difference to putting your face in front of everyone. Therefore, with these values ​​\u200b\u200band these players, everything becomes easier. There are those who have something extra maybe for someone, Di Lorenzo is that leader no one wants to lose

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People fill you with love

Being in my place today is easy because people fill you with love and passion. More than that, I aspired and aspired to it. I lived it first hand and it was the most beautiful thing that could happen to me

Aurelio De Laurentiis at Napoli-Eintracht Frankfurt – UEFA Champions League 2022/2023

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We agreed with the president that…

I am not waiting for anything, everything is clear and definite and there is nothing but to say. We agreed with the president to wait to say. Nothing is missing, you don’t invent anything because there was no negotiation. From dinner we walked out with everything in its place. But the bill was paid by the president

Osimin angry?

The need to be centre-forward, creating chances for the team, and we all have that need. You can get angry, but it’s not always the coach’s fault that he changes. Forwards have a goal that makes all the difference to their baggage and happiness, but there are defenders and goalkeepers who don’t want to take them. You work quietly, if you are below your means, especially if you leave during the week with the flu, then practice mid-duty, yesterday he started and he wasn’t around for training. Exit can happen 25 minutes from the end

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