This is what the Italians will ask of Fiorentina. Held until 2025. Ramadan is also at the top. Replay plan in the names of the players. OK for Dodi, Maxime Lopez and Pinamonte. TORREIRA’s last attempt

This is what the Italians will ask of Fiorentina.  Held until 2025. Ramadan is also at the top.  Replay plan in the names of the players.  OK for Dodi, Maxime Lopez and Pinamonte.  TORREIRA’s last attempt

Fiorentina’s future plans will be decided this week, and likely tomorrow: In fact, a real summit was held, as was expected some time ago, in which Barron, Brady and Italy will participate with the help of his agent Ramadan.

From the meeting, operational plans will come out for the technical strengthening of the team and for the follow-up of the course with the coach, which began a year ago. to summarize them Three items on the agenda, 1) Italian contract renewal, 2) pass analysis and last season’s failures with the names to be put up for sale, and then 3) the list of players to bet on. minutes after the summit ends.

The most important of course is Talk to the coach, the players are my subordinate. As we told you, the first meeting that took place right after the tournament was not very positive, and it seems that there are still several things to be clarified, but We’ve been working in the background in recent weeks, Baron and Ramdani heard, the work has gone on, the corners were supposed to be smoothed out and now that positivity we had hoped for which should lead (except for the swings) to sign without undue waiting or, worse, the tensions is filtered out. We have always said that we refuse to believe that Fiorentina could have doubts about the future of the Italian, the coaches were so good at choosing the former coach of Spezia last year, in a difficult moment, that they even paid for it, and for sure with him they will want to continue the good things that have been done so far , from 22 other points, to the conquest of Europe and so on.

after every thing Fiorentina know very well that the coach will not start the season and the contract is still on the line, to be decided, with the discussion still not closed, so it is in everyone’s best interest to walk out of this meeting with signatures. Black on white, as they say.

Even Joe Barone knows it well, who reported on Rocco Commisso, the coach is excited to stay in Florence, for him there are only Fiorentina and the exceptional purple peopleIt’s just about giving him certainty that the club also wants to try to achieve what Atalanta did (for example) with Gasperini: a great personality, brave play and the highest possible goal. If the heroes are better.

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As I told you yesterday, the general sentiment was good. Hoping not to make mistakes. Someone says Joe Barron has already arrived in Milan, perhaps for a pre-meeting with Ramadan. I have no confirmation on that, but it doesn’t change anything compared to tomorrow’s match.

We know that the Italian has another year contract until 2023 and the option of Fiorentina for the 2023-2024 season.

According to rumors, the contract will be extended until 2025, basically three years. The time to do well. Then, of course, The economic part will also be revised with a significant increase and the proverbial bonus will almost certainly be used, above all, to target. I remember I revealed to you some time ago that this year there was a prize for tenth place and that Fiorentina finished seventh. I imagine there will be prizes for the Europa League and the Champions League. No one better than Ramadan knows how to manage certain situations, with poise, he just happily renewed Sarri’s contract with Lazio.

In order to protect themselves, Fiorentina may insist on maintaining or even raising the release clause now set at ten million, but these are hypotheses. It will certainly be a more structured contract than the one that was hastily arrived at last year in the mess with Spezia. I repeat that the contracts still leave the time they find, but from the point of view of the Italian side, the extension now reinforces him in the value of his work, in certainty about the future and in relation to the relationship with the group.

In the context of all this Relations with the Italian staff will also be reneweda team of about ten people that the coach rightly considers essential to the effectiveness of his work.

If an agreement is found quickly, as it seems, the names will be placed in the already discovered role boxes written at the top first at the end of the tournament.Of course we will also talk about TorreiraThe coach put him at the center of his artistic project, but in any case it would not turn into a problem. The Italian, according to rumors, will not stand in the way of Uruguay’s existence at any cost. The important thing is to have players who work with his way of thinking about football and we’ll do alternative names later. Torreira Fiorentina will finally try for Arsenal, agreements skipped, will start from scratch with request for card discount and commissions. It won’t last long, and there is no shortage of alternatives.

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And now we come to the names at risk, at least a couple per role, which will be evaluated by the Italian sector and the technical sector on the basis of cost and characteristics. For the goalkeeper, it has been said and repeated as Vicario, but the cost may distract Cragnow. Gollini . is often servedbut the track is cold at the moment.

On the right from the outside Brazilian worm prices are high (Welcome in Italian) While Bellanova is closer to Inter. Dodo has been rated extremely high, and now the question is whether Shakthar is content with tens of millions because he has to monetize given the dramatic situation, or whether the Odriozola-type loan path can work. Yesterday Ukraine seemed ready to resume the championship, but expectations are vain.

As for the director, the spotlight is on Sassuolo’s Maxime LopezIts characteristics and physical structure are similar to those of Torreira, perhaps faster and faster, valued at about fifteen million. But not only. Taking Aslan Complex, Foreign clubs arrived after Inter. In any case, the Italian notebook managers will be different.

For a midfielder like Maggiore dello SpeziaBut Turin has also started. The list also includes Imeri of Servette and Tameze of Verona. On the wing, also pay attention to the Turkish Celik, there is no shortage of competition.

For the attacking midfield Talking about Pinamonte which would be a big hitBut there is no point in hiding the difficulties. As I was telling you some time ago, Beware Piatek who wants to stay and Hertha can renew the loan. I don’t know Belotti, but if someone were to write it, they would have had different sources than ours. Then there is always Joao Pedro leaving Cagliari, a very useful offensive wild card for the Italian game. On the fifth outside, we crossed out Deulofeu, an old Brady ball that had to be taken last summer. After a high-profile tournament, it was valued at twenty-five million and De Laurentiis is struggling to get it too.

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Players who have returned from loans will also be talked about, among which Zorkowski, Quam and Ranieri starred. The pole should be replaced by the end of the month, but the Italian will probably want a more technical player and then he could also end up in one of the negotiations with Empoli. Fiorentina degli Azzurri also liked the midfield of Vitti (very young and very good) and left winger Baresi.

His cum was already widely evaluated by the Italian last summer at Moena, the coach will decide. On the other hand, Ranieri seems to have grown a lot, Invitation to withdraw is possible. Six to seven players from Primavera will also join Moina, becoming even more important to the UEFA team. There is some talent and not just white.

Then the Italians will also have to go through the analysis of failuresfor those who sell or negotiate hostages to trade and it’s not hard to imagine who. For Kokorin, countless contract terminations are being attempted. Obviously, back in the market, there are many names at stake and the most likely ones are probably still covered, and the important thing is that as of tomorrow, operators have the list on hand and aim straight for the targets.

Personally, I expect surprises, like last summer with Nico. Above all, if Italiano’s signature arrives, I hope calm will return even among the skeptics. The coach is good and ambitious, if he decides to adopt the project that Fiorentina will present to him, it means that the Viola company intends to grow and not a little. If it doesn’t, let’s talk again…obviously.

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