June 3, 2023

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The Food and Science Festival also beats the bad weather as many of the events involving science, information and farming are sold out

Mantua – Arrived in the seventh year, and Food and Science Festival The 2023 edition concluded today with the realization that it has become one of the demonstrations An authoritative science and topic of nutrition Nationwide, a theater for discussion, a place to meet and exchange ideas. From the opening, the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests called Francesco Lollobrigidathe event promoted by Mantua farmDesigned by FRAME – Scientific digressions and structured Agricultural Mantua Address highly topical topics – from climate change to cultured meat, from label legislation to carbon farming, from wildlife management to digital farming to TEAs, and much more – making room for more than 130 dates in 17 Places different recording run out In many events despite bad weather.

A range of topics also spoken by the President of Confagricoltura Mantova, Albert Cortese, starting with TEA: “What is evident from the program of this edition is the urgent need to decide on assisted evolution technologies, as the Minister emphasized during the inauguration: the projects are ready, and research must advance in this direction to ensure productivity that can adapt to the ongoing climate change, he says. Although it may not seem like it, given the dire situation in some regions of the country, drought is a problem that we cannot ignore. Environment, sustainability, investments, and technologies: the festival has been dealing with these and many other topics over the past seven years, gathering messages from citizens and channeling them into politics. We are delighted that they were welcomed this year, and that the institutions were there to support them.”

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three days there experts from the sector, researchersAnd Science creators And Institutional representatives They discussed the science that creates and produces food, trying to understand where we have come from and where we should go now, guided by research, technology and innovation so as not to burden the planet. to welcome b More than 190 guestscity Mantuawith which the festival has fostered a deep relationship, with lively interest and ever-increasing participation, involving more and more young people every year.

“Science, research, current events and the future are within everyone’s reach. The Food and Science Festival is proving more and more a winning idea capable of attracting a large audience, many young people, from many parts of Italy.” commented the mayor Matthias Palaces. “Thanks to Confagricoltura and thanks to all the sponsors who support the festival. Getting to know, learning and having fun together is the key to this festival.”

conferencesAnd labsAnd ExhibitionsAnd tastingAnd OffersAnd Multi-sound board And Tours To overcome the border The leitmotif of this edition is the knowledge we have, or think we have, about the food-related science that surrounds us. They talked about it Dan Saladinjournalist and BBC TV presenter on the necessity of preserving rare foods and science communicator Dario Bresannini on False news Food, CREA Director Luigi CativelliThe meeting’s curators, who discussed with Confagricoltura Young Advocates about assistive evolution techniques to create plants that are more resistant and performers, neuroscientist Anna Derico On the links between culture and food, researchers Annalisa Cherry And Susanna Cortiwho explained to a very attentive audience of students the dangers of climate change in progress, but also the first Italian astronaut Franco MallerpaProfessor, Michigan State University Bruno BassoChief of the Wildlife Coordination Service, ISPRA Piero Genius and science journalists Marco Ferrari And Roberta Villa.

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A veritable festival of science between information and agriculture that makes the interdisciplinary nature of the proposal its hallmark. Participants in Tours Inside and outside Mantua – inclfarm Organized by the Lombardy region in Annibaletti Giuliano’s organic farm, concluded with a lesson on wild and medicinal herbs, walks to discover the historical city science workshops in Retrobottega, in collaboration with Confguide-Confcommercio Mantova – Visitors Exhibitions and installationsMany participants labs For adults and children, and many who crowded the Bibiena Theater for the evening show with the actor Dario Vergasola.

Food and Science Festival meet at May 2024 for the eighth edition.