Milan-Tareme, skip everything: no to relaunching Porto. Now it runs to 9

The Rossoneri does not meet the demands of the club and the player. And now? Sanabria likes it, it’s difficult for Pavlidis, Jovic is the simplest

It ended with a press release and a photo with the president, like all great negotiations. Yes, but here was President Pinto da Costa and the statement from Porto. “A meeting between Bento da Costa and Taremi led to the Iranian striker staying in Porto and completing the deal with Milan.” Goodbye to Milan’s amazing goal from last week… and beyond. The decisive moment, two nights ago, when Milan said no to the new terms imposed by Porto and Taremi, at a time when the deal seemed closed. Taremi asked for more, and he and Porto wanted to bring a new agent into the negotiations. The meeting yesterday afternoon at Casa Milan with Daria Bahrami, the agent and mediator who was in contact with Tarimi, was useless.

And now?

Now there are hours of searching for a new attacker, which lasted all night. An option, whatever it may be, will not change the positive verdict on the market for the summer of 2023. Taremi would, of course, complete the project of Forlani and Moncada, but in the first two days Milan showed that it is capable of playing great even with the current team. Of course, the season is long and the Champions League group is very difficult and so… Milan is evaluating other profiles. One of them is Tony Sanabria from Turin: he informed Milan himself and today the negotiations will continue. The other is Vangelis Pavlidis, which he actually wrote about in the summer. Milan love him but don’t want to sell him (unless you make crazy offers), it’s too difficult. In the past few hours, Youssef En-Nesyri, from Seville, was also proposed by mediators. But the Moroccan is almost impossible because he does not want to move on loan (which is very expensive for a permanent title). Jovic remains the easiest player to land, and Milan have been considering him for some time and have already spoken to Fiorentina about a loan deal. Iran’s failed negotiations, whatever the process of searching for an alternative, will remain one of the most exciting negotiations in recent years. An ugly Portuguese mess of agents, bonuses, commissions and papers changed on the table at the last minute.

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The steps are worth summarizing. June: Giorgio Forlani and Geoffrey Moncada’s new Milan have Taremi in their sights. People like him because he has a good personality, he’s bad on the pitch and most importantly he scores goals. Start long, slow negotiations. July: Milan were in doubt for a long time whether to take Taremi or Chukwueze as their second non-EU player, then they chose Samu and Taremi left the scene. Only to return to the news a few days later, when the Italian Football Federation decides that the Brits (and thus Loftus-Cheek) will be treated as UEFA players. Mid-August: Milan approaches Porto again. Tuesday 29 August, evening: Milan make a new offer and Porto say they are willing to sell Taremi. A draft agreement worth 15 million plus bonuses has been reached and the agreement with the player seems secure: a three-year contract worth 1.5 million plus bonuses per season.

the key

At that point, everything becomes complicated. On Wednesday evening, Porto announced its desire to include a new agent for negotiations, while Tarimi asked for a higher salary and did not impose himself on Porto. Thus, Milan is disappointed with the player, who clearly did not care about the Rossoneri like the other players, and organizes the meeting in Casa Milan with Daria Behrami. A meeting with great pessimism: Milan responds that they do not want to work with the agents chosen by Porto and Taremi, saying no to the new conditions proposed by Portugal. It’s the end, Porto wrote in black on white on the website of his thematic channel.

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Origi and Palo Toure

Milan in all this must complete the team’s risk. With Colombo’s departure to Monza, Origi’s question arises: He can still leave (this transfer market still has a few hours to go, Turkey and Al Arabiya a few days) but the club is not opposed to the idea of ​​returning him in principle. Palo Toure did not find a solution to go to Werder, so Milan did not strike Borna Sosa, the Croatian left-back from Stuttgart.

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