Smartphone ‘ghost touch’ threat: Hackers unlock your phone themselves. After they do whatever they want

Smartphone ‘ghost touch’ threat: Hackers unlock your phone themselves.  After they do whatever they want
New Frontiers in Remote Cyber ​​Attacks (Web) –

Unfortunately, disturbing news about the new frontier of cyberattacks has arrived, and this time, it’s far away.

Yes, you get it right. I’m at distancebut what is more than that Warning and more. In practice, these criminals need notinjectionmalware in the smartphone to hit it with it links Malicious taste or application. and the afraid For all users, owning a smartphone that is being attacked by hackers can become reality in a very way sneaky.

Of course, you don’t have to worry If you are in your residence Alone or with people from your family or friends. the level of the worry You should start at Exit And also thatattentionthe moment you find yourself Places It makes no difference if crowded, outdoor or indoor, you are so close to each other the people.

Yes, because in this case everyone they can hackers. Anyone with another device can access your device and work undisturbed, without you even realizing it. In short, we want you to understand that even a neighbor For the seat on the bus or al CinemaIt could be the person who robs you Privacy.

It’s a way to put yourself in it WarnTo make you stay longer Take care And watch closely what I am data sensitive content on devices. We realize that all we tell you is horrifyingBut we couldn’t tell you what’s going on. Therefore, we invite you to read everything to the end to find yourself get ready.

It is called “ghost touch”: the smartphone unlocks itself and allows you to act without disturbance.

this attacks Information technology begins with what is known as “ghost touch“. the hackers They use signs electromagnetic to simulate i you touch on the touch screen. This way they can get hold of the target smartphone, Recovery Sensitive data and also installed malware inside.

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New Frontiers in Remote Cyber ​​Attacks (Web) –

The best places dangerousas already mentioned above, is the closed version crowded like Cinemaor public transportation Libraries. the criminals Prepare everything firstequipment Wanted to attack, under a table For example, and victimUnaware he is nearby, they release him. From that moment on they will be free to move around in and out of the device He steals All that is required.

Information sensitive data Banking servicesthese are the most tempting things criminals. But fortunately, this attack could only be launched on a single attack distance close up. It takes less than 4cm to work. to Protect yourself It would be better to raise the security level, by setting the data Biometrics And of course, always hold on updated their operating systems.

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