Sutil and Zorkowski OK. Fiorentina is growing. Milinkovic, anything is possible. Waiting for the middle shot

Sutil and Zorkowski OK.  Fiorentina is growing.  Milinkovic, anything is possible.  Waiting for the middle shot

Other friendly, other pointers. Level up with Trento, a professional team. The Italians have thought of two squads: one for Friday and one for Triestina. To try them all. Speed, ball spin, outer championsAnd the Mandrake more and more in the gameWe’ve seen good things. Others will be reviewed. But the team seeks to invest in Italian concepts, as always.

Sutil and Zurkovsky were the best. The first gives continuity to the words of the press room. Ricardo realized that this is the year of the inward or outward, of going out or down. He has great potential, and he’s shredding like few others, but it’s time to bring out that great legacy. He is the master of his own destiny, red or black, as in the casino.

For the pole, rebounding from a great season in Empoli, two phases: defending and attacking with good feet. President Corse is doing his best to get him back and that should make the Fiorentina managers think. It is true that the club should carry out a midfield with a great buy, as we think of Lo Celso, but it is also correct to imagine a reversal on ‘Zurko’. The two things can go together. Before you deprive yourself of this element, you need to think about the pros and cons. Continuing on this path is sure to put the Italians in trouble.

Fiorentina is growing, there is no doubt. Dodi has also arrived: he will only be able to play in official matches when the club frees up a place as a non-EU citizen, but in the meantime he trains and joins the group. Nice promotion, no discussions. Now international tests with Galatasaray, the Qatar national team and Betis will be needed to certify Fiorentina’s international status. It will not be trivial steps.

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Milinkovic floating there, suspended between a possible departure and a possible residence. There is no point in turning around: between his confirmation or not, much passes. Because replacing it is no joke. Wandering around the chrysanthemum flower, resting or not resting, while time passes. Every day it is consumed is a small advantage to confirm.

to me Midfielder Lo Celso is still the favourite Even if we need a trip forward for the three comedy actors.

Londoners cannot raise the demand too much; The player must modify the expectation of participation; Fiorentina should put something more on the plate. The Argentine draws the circle, the man who can give Fiorentina a different and better future. Judging by his great international experience.

Triestina today to close the resort in Moena. This Fiorentina game is going, driven by the ambition of a group determined to follow its formidable leader, the Italian.

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