Serie A: Napoli and Lazio fall back, and Roma remains alone

Serie A: Napoli and Lazio fall back, and Roma remains alone

Rome on top, waiting for what became the main match, the match between Atalanta and Turin. The big group disintegrates at the top because three greats are the ones to shine: Napoli taunts the excellent Lecce and does not go above and beyond. But in addition to the Neapolitans, Lazio is also slowing down while Fiorentina is falling. Sarri’s side joined the recovery with Sampdoria’s first goal of the season, and Gabbiadini’s first since January.Fiorentina instead falls to Udine thanks to the second goal of the restored Beto, who is in Deulofeu’s memory.

After a draw with Roma, who remained alone in the lead after 3-0 at Monza with a double by Dybala, Allegri’s Juventus returns to success, as he was fired by the usual free kick goal at the start of Vlahovic who condemned Spezia. In the end, Milik scored a reassuring 2-0 goal. The third draw in a row for Empoli, who was joined by Verona, against newcomer Kallon.

Napoli is not as fluid as in the first matches. Spalletti vs. Lecce threw Ndombele and Rasbadori, the newcomers, into the fray, but with poor results. Ndombele naively plotted a penalty saved by Lorenzo Colombo. Lecce holds the field with power and doesn’t fall apart even after Elmas’ advantage. Colombo, the 20-year-old AC Milan striker who plays for the under-21 team, is charting an impressive path to a tie. In the second half, Spalletti removes new players and introduces into his ranks Lobotka, Zielinski and Kvara. The music changes, the opportunities flow, because all the heavy weapons are on the field, but Lecce throws his heart out over the obstacle and comes home with a point worthy of gold. And Napoli Lecce 1-1 record

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Juventus reclaim Di Maria, embracing Paredes at the end of a posh market, but Spezia makes her own. For Allegri, it is not enough to start again 1-0 with a free kick from Vlahovic. The Bianconeri plays the match but does not drown, in Gatti’s defense fits well, Kostik pushes hard, Meretti is more and more convincing, but the scorer does not give a comeback. But in the end, the inclusion of Milik pays off and doubles up on Merretti’s pass. For the new Allegri tile, Svchesne injured. record

Lazio were certainly unable to finish the match after Immobile outlasted a superb heel pass from Milinkovic-Savic. There are chances (even a goalkeeper job) but Sampdoria, who is claiming a penalty on Quagliarella, is gaining confidence. Sari feels an air of irony, gets nervous and receives a warning. Basic eats the double and at 92 “a” paw from Gabbiadini gives Giampaolo’s second point. Even worse in Fiorentina who, with so many changes, never burns out and surrenders to the strong-willed Udinese that Sutil (who wins the challenge in the family with the son brought by the Italian in the final) tops the standings. The second victory in a row, which comes from Deulofeu’s intuition (which takes advantage of Venuti’s ingenuity) and is mastered by Beto. Friulians, in health, initiate the three points and suffer little from the viola reaction. In the final, the goal of success is canceled. Cioffi-led Verona is still faltering, upset with several important transfers, but at least it moves the standings with a win in the second draw. Empoli, who has taken the lead with Baldanzi, arrives with Kallon. For the technician a breath of fresh air, but the problems remain.

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