Where do you see Napoli-Genoa on TV or live: SKY or DAZN?

Where do you see Napoli-Genoa on TV or live: SKY or DAZN?

Where to see Naples Genoa – After the victory of Olympico Grande Torino against the team Ivan JuricWhich mathematically confirmed the certainty of participation the next day Champions LeagueThe Naples He is called upon to confirm the performance presented also to give a positive signal to the environment and secure third place. Next men’s discount Spalletti there will be Genoawhich is in a complete struggle for salvation and in search of vital points.

Tomorrow the two teams will compete, May 15 at 3 pmAnd In the Playground Diego Armando Maradona from Naples On the occasion of the thirty-seventh day of the tournament.

Naples, Sassuolo, antecedents

The next day will be the 100th meeting between Naples And Genoa. These are the precedents between the two teams:

  • 39 victories for Naples
  • 34 draw
  • 29 victories for Genoa

Napoli club, the performance of the two teams

The disappointment of the lackluster scudetto is still strong, but for its part Luciano Spalletti He returned home to qualify for the next Champions League, the initial goal for this season, with a victory Turin. With any three points, however, the Azure would have the potential to get third place from them Juventuswhich chases at minus four in order.

The gap widened exactly after the Ligurians beat Juventus 2-1 in the return. a team pleasen Desperate for points for redemption that seemed desperate a few weeks ago.

After drawing all of its first seven league matches with the German on the bench, Genoa have had three wins and four defeats in their last matches.

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Where to see Napoli Genoa: Sky or Dazen?

the race between Naples And Genoavalid for the 37th match of Serie A, which will be played tomorrow, Sunday April 30 at 15:00 In the Playground Diego Armando Maradona Naples. But How can I follow the match? Naples-Genoa It will be broadcast live and in except from dazn. By owning a DAZN account, the game will be visible from the comfort of home.

Instead, the match between Naples And Genoa It can also be followed in the broadcast by downloading a file dazn On your smartphone, tablet, XBOX, PS4, PS5 or PC.

Commentary Napoli Genoa will be entrusted to Eduardo Testoni, Commentary by Dario Marcolin. The preliminary match for Napoli-Genoa starts 30 minutes before the matchwith the latest news from the stadium, line-ups and analysis on the main themes of the match.

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