CAGLIARI 2-1 PALERMO, report cards: Lucioni and Vasic top, Soleri illustrations. Stolac ok, Matigo…

CAGLIARI 2-1 PALERMO, report cards: Lucioni and Vasic top, Soleri illustrations.  Stolac ok, Matigo…

Palermo exits with its head held high from the Coppa Italia: Cagliari taunt Corini’s side in extra time after Soleri equalized Sardinia’s lead, which Dossena signed in the 121st minute

PIGLIACELLI 6,5 – Almost perfect until the last minute of overtime. He saves a penalty from Pavoletti, and brilliantly counters Viola in the first extra period. Little could do on his first header, Shutting Out and Winning, by Dossena. The defense’s sleep on Di Pardo’s qualifying goal is unforgivable, but the feeling is that they could certainly have done better than Ranieri’s mischievous volley.

Matego 5 – He tries to save himself with experience and trade, but his race is mediocre and in constant trouble. The Azzi-Augello combination on his side suffers first, seeing the witches with Luvumbo. Unlucky on the occasion of the arm touch that generates the penalty for Sardinia, but certainly not very reactive, and very soft, in passing Lovumbo’s cross in the act of the decisive goal to win back extra time.

lotion 7,5 – Cutaneous, impassable, stimulus to all balls being attracted to the pink area. Unsurpassed grit, drive, reading skills, timing, and a sense of the situation. He plays with a cheek injury, but what really burns him is the defeat he suffered in his last breath after an excellent performance on an individual level.

Marconi 6 – He’s up against top-level attackers and gets along well for the next ninety minutes, holding them back with determination, experience and toughness. He tries not to overdo it and keeps his attention threshold high, and he also manages to do so, comfortable with being on his side of granite and controlling Lucioni. Unfortunately, the moment of power outage for the department, on De Di Pardo’s goal turned out to be fatal.

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Cicaroni 6 – He also plays, in a no-his role, a match of great application and substance, closing and thrusting into the left lane with good power and effectiveness. It drops off as the minutes go by and shows up visibly low energy and clarity overtime. He closes several diagonals well, but it is the last one, in which he slipped through the Di Di Pardo cut, that costs exclusion from the Italian Cup.

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