Good Food and Science with Biologists for Regeneration in Monferrato

Good Food and Science with Biologists for Regeneration in Monferrato

Friday 9 September One afternoon at Vignale Monferrato

Vercelli (31.08.2022 – 13.06) – An afternoon in the hills of Monferrato among good food and some suggestions for modern nutrition in the company of some of the most environmentally conscious doctors. That’s what will happen on Friday, September 9, organized by the Society for Regeneration Biologists. The event will take place in Vignale Monferrato. The program includes participants’ arrival on a guided tour of the Infernot (UNESCO heritage) and the Battuti Church (Place of the Fai heart). A webinar entitled “Modern Nutrition between Traditions and Culture” will begin at 4.30 pm at Tenuta Trapella in Roncaglia Monferrato.

After the doctors welcome Julio Fascetto And the Christian Salerno, will follow the presentation of a short video on the 50th UNESCO Heritage Site. Respectively, there will then be doctor’s interventions Ivana Milan (“The Ancient Tradition of Merinda Sinoeira”), by Doctor Lorenza Ganuzzo (“Grapes on the table”), Dr. Marco Zanetti (“The Role of Curd and Cheese in the Diet of the Athlete”). Once again, the doctor’s interventions are planned Annalisa Giglia (“The importance of not forgetting the traditions,” “Excess weight is a matter of lack of movement”), by the doctor Christiana Le Negro (“Hints from Gastrosophy: Good to Eat and Think Good” – “In food veritas”). Last but not least, a short meeting with the possibility to ask questions with the lawyer Andrea Brunelli Which will provide valuable information on how to protect the profession of a biologist.

A message will be sent to all interested parties on how to participate. This is followed by a Senoeira snack (15 EUR) for all participants present. For reservations, send an e-mail to the following e-mail address: [email protected], specifying the reason “Colline Monferrato – 9 September – Biologists for the Renewal”. “It is with great pride that we draw the attention of all the traditions that belong to us and that we must pass on to future generations,” emphasized event representatives Ivana Milan, Christian Salerno and Giulio Faschetto.

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Cover photo: Ivana Milan and Christian Salerno

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