Serie A – Juventus Report – Lazio 3-0: Kane is lethal, Rabio is amazing, Allegri defeats Sarri in a head-to-head match.

Serie A – Juventus Report – Lazio 3-0: Kane is lethal, Rabio is amazing, Allegri defeats Sarri in a head-to-head match.
Juventus – Lazio, the match is valid for the 15th day of Serie A 2022-2023, finished 3-0, as a result of two goals from Moise Kean and a goal from Eric Milik. The match was moderated by David Massa from the Imperia division. Thanks to this result, the Bianconeri overtook the Bianconeri and moved up to third place, to -2 from second-placed AC Milan. It seems that Allegri has found the right direction.

Below are the votes for the match champions to understand the progress of the race.


Sarri: “3-0? False result. I will not watch the World Cup”

5 hours ago

Juventus Report Cards

Wojciech SZCZESNY 6.5.1 – 576 minutes unbeaten with Perrin and an angel’s flight to fend off Philippe Anderson’s torpedo. safety.

Federico GATTI 6.5.1 Update – He loses the ball and gets a yellow card after 20 minutes and then lowers his head and straight lines. in great growth.

Gleeson Bremer 6.5 Defense master. Giant headshots and overflowing with physical clashes.

Danilo 6 Biancocelesti’s light attack doesn’t bother him. He is now a captain.

Manuel LOCATELI 6.5 – Handling and slots. Saber and frustrated. Great performance in midfield. (from 84 Paredes SV)

Juan Cuadrado 6 – Every now and then Pedro, who starts behind, gets lost, but he always manages to close accurately. Important in the offensive phase.

Nicolò FAGIOLI 6.5 – It took Allegri a long time to trust him, but he doesn’t take it off anymore. Totally flawless, in a tuxedo

Adrien RABIOT 6.5.1 Update – But is it the same player from a few months ago? Unbelievable, remade. A two-stage destroyer and assistant man for Kane.

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Filip KOSTIC 6.5.1 Update – With Hello, With Vespa, With Scooter. This boy has a motor, Hisage came out surprised. 2-0 comes from poisoned sothbow. (from 64 Church 6.5 Milik needs the assist 3-0. Freeing himself, he had been searching for him for a long time. Now only the target is missing)

Moise KEAN 7.5.0 Update – A deadly gun. Soft slack on the Provedel outlet and a real opportunistic touch at close range. 5 goals in the last 594 minutes: He’s the man of the moment. (from 62 Di Maria 6 – not forced to play)

Eric Melek 7 – For 50 minutes anything not exceptional, then steals the ball launching Kane’s double and writes the end with a 3-0 goal at the (almost) time expired.

Massimiliano Allegri 7 – Best defense, third place at -2 from AC Milan and sixth win in a row. Whoever writes for you never held back when there was criticism of the Livorno technician, but now we must commend him because he seems to have found the right direction in the end. Lazio has the best performance of the season.

Milik celebrates a goal in Juventus – Lazio – Serie A 2022/2023

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Lazio Report Cards

Evan Providedel 5 Heavy responsibility for Juventus, the first two goals. He goes out in vain favoring Lube Kane and rejects short leaving easy access to the heart of the Juventus striker.

Mr. Hussain 5 – Kostic drives him crazy, he does not understand anything. surprised. (from 69 Gila 5 Same thing, but with Chiesa. The Juventus striker dominates him with anger)

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Nicolò CASALE 5.5.0 Update Not entirely bad, but Juventus scored three goals and certainly can’t expect enough.

Alessio ROMAGNOLI 5.5.0 Update – Somewhat similar to Casale. Milik and Kane score three goals in two: the responsibility also, if not above all, rests with them.

Adam MARUSIC 5.5.0 Update Cuadrado keeps it low. So low that we never see it.

Serge Milinkovic Savic 5 – There will be rumors about the transfer market, it will be a little tired, but the sergeant is waving in the evening on the field. In the first half, he loses the ball that fired Kane’s goal. The second half does not affect. (from 78 Marcos Antonio SV – impossible to evaluate)

Danilo Cataldi 5 – The protagonist yes, but in a negative way. He sleeps in the middle of the field and Milik hits him with a ball Juventus 2-0. (from 58 Vicino 6 – concrete entrance, few frills despite difficulties)

Toma BASIC 5.5.0 Update – Unknown. Nice filter for Pedro and a few others. Sari takes it for higher quality. (from 58 Luis Alberto 5 – Failed experiment: does not affect)

Pedro 6 – All in all generous. He tries some dodge, but he’s always very lonely.

FELIPE ANDERSON 5.5.0 Update – With Atalanta, the false experiment 9 went well; Certainly not today. Gleason Bremer’s body is eaten and eaten.

Luca Romero 6 Sufficient commitment. At least it is struggling to find a hole that does not exist. (from 69 6 . cells – Enter into a half-finished game)

Maurizio Sarri 5.5.4 – His work remains indisputable, but this 3-0 score is difficult to swallow, especially due to the lack of offensive power. Lazio rarely shoots on goal. The only mitigating factor? Absence of Zakani and Thabit: Both are very heavy.


Allegri: “Scudetto? A month ago no one believed in Juventus, but…”

5 hours ago


Ken Ken Melek! Juventus climbs 3 to Lazio and climbs to third place

9 hours ago

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