“Scudetto? If Inter and Juventus do not change immediately, they will be absent”

“Scudetto? If Inter and Juventus do not change immediately, they will be absent”

On the Scudetto for Inter and Juventus

Outside? If they don’t change quickly, I’d say yes. It would be ideal to assume that these two teams, as they are today, are in contention for the title.”

About my inzag

“Inzaghi has grown in recent years, but in the end she has remained a good tactician. The principle is always the same: do not take them first, then we will see. Inter plays 5-3-2 with a lot of defensive playersThe attackers and midfielders are always outnumbered.”

About Allegri

“A great coach, a great tactician, he won a lot. Now the fans, who were praising him, are demanding his head. He does not repeat the successes of the past, but Juventus has been experiencing difficult moments for several years. Allegri relies on high-class players who must replace team play. Moreover, men of great personalities, such as Chiellini or Bonucci himself, are now gone.”

On Inter and Lukaku

“The only solution for Inter is to quickly find the resolve and spirit of sacrifice that existed at the time of Antonio Conte. Motivation is needed, teamwork is required. Lukaku injured? Everyone has injuries, we won the Scudetto in Milan in 1988 and Van Basten played only three games. They are in the group because there are excellent individual qualities in the group, players with a lot of experience, but sometimes on the pitch you don’t see the character and the will to win. The problem is not switching players in the middle of the first half as happened in Udine: the problem is in the base, The Nerazzurri are all tactical, not strategic“.

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in Juventus

«Allegri is not interested in emotions and beauty, but in doing so denies merit and negates spectacle. Either you win or you have to cry. And now Juventus is crying. He invested a lot, like Inter Milan, has his budget in red, swings in the league and the Champions League. Allegri loves a very covered game and then one has to make a difference. I still believe that dominating the game is necessary to increase the team’s self-esteem. Winston Churchill said, “Change does not mean improvement, but to improve you must change.” Does anyone listen to him? ».

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