Mourinho: Mkhitaryan is ready. Tomorrow we will play to write history” – – Latest news FC Roma – Interviews, photos and videos

Mourinho: Mkhitaryan is ready.  Tomorrow we will play to write history” – – Latest news FC Roma – Interviews, photos and videos

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there Rome It’s one step away from a dream. Tomorrow will be played the opportunity to restore the first European Cup in its history, and it is her responsibility Mourinho well aware. He spoke about it at the usual press conference that evening.

Mourinho at the press conference

A long journey that started in August, then a 9 month journey with 55 games, what is awareness? “We have come to the end of this season. With two finals played in 4 days: the first gave us what we deserved and what our goal was, which was the Europa League. We were able to win this final. We are making history. But we had to finish the work of the year to reach a goal. For Roma, Finishing the European League is normal. Tomorrow’s final is history. We wrote ourselves to get here, but in the final we have to do everything possible to win and make history.”

Did you manage to contain the team’s euphoria? How is Mkhitaryan? “We did it before Turin. It was a tough match. It was a final that could give us the right attention to play this cup-ready match. We didn’t need any more tension. We got to the goal of the match.” The Europa League was the best way to just think about Feyenoord. With my crew we have been in Trigoria since Friday without ever leaving. I couldn’t ask the guys about this, but I think they’re fine. Look at the team attentive and happy Well..Mkhitaryan trained today for the first time in a small group session meaningless at the final level because it was open to the press very essential for him it is important I trust his experience I trust him, he knows his body and knows how to interpret signals well. And at the end of the work he told me that he exists. ”

There is a lot of interest in Rome and you, can your experience make a difference? “No, I don’t think so. People are wrong in the analysis. The only reason we have this feeling of encouragement for Roma is that we have an Albanian in the team, it’s normal. If Roma wins, the Albanians lift the trophy and that makes sense. I played the UEFA Super Cup between United and Real in Macedonia. There was a party in Tirana, it’s the same. It’s an important moment, they deserve it as a country. The stadium is very beautiful, too bad for the low capacity, but I am happy to play here. Usually the finals are the last matches of the season, you play first in the national cups. When You get to this point the work is done. For us there was nothing to do in those two days. The command can’t take effect for three days, it’s part of a process. Tomorrow is the players’ day, we coaches can help them read the match, but the work is done. And tomorrow is the last. Fortunately, it is a final match, you can be happy to play this match.”

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Are you too serious because you’re worried about the final? “It’s a final, until tomorrow there’s nothing else on my mind. It’s my way of being and doing. Experience doesn’t help, I guess it might not help. My way of being is the same as when I played in the first final. I’m focused or maybe my way of being.” Prepare for the match.”

You’re the one who played multiple endings, is that superstitious? “No, I don’t have to be. I hate superstition and sometimes quarrel with those who listen to these things.”

On the big screens “Supporting the fans can only be good. But if Roma fought in a final with the people at Olimpico in front of the screens, it is not their fault. They asked me what shirt we are playing in and I said I don’t. You want to know the same for me.”

How is your ankle after the discount with Kumbulla? If he wins tomorrow, this is his first training session and he is the first to win all European Cups “If I win. I’m not superstitious, that’s the truth. I don’t like to talk about hypotheses, let’s see. Marash hurt me and joked that he should have been the last to do this to me because he’s the heaviest. I had to go to the match in slippers because my feet didn’t fit in the shoes.” Kumbula is a good player, he has learned a lot and will be with us next year because he has good potential.”

What is your first impression of Albania? What can Special One do to win a Special Match? “Special One’s story is old. When you’re more mature, you see a lot more people and think less of yourself. For me it’s an old story, tomorrow I can try to help, I don’t believe in magic. When you get to the final after that. Put in a lot of work. It’s The team that plays tomorrow. This is not the time for individuals. We just have to be ourselves and play our quality without limits. It is the first time in Albania, one of the few places I have not visited yet. It is a beautiful country, and I am happy to be here. I have not visited the city, I am happy At the airport When we played the Vitesse game we were at the airport for 2 hours I don’t know why but there was a lot to check as if they were criminals and they were looking for something The hotel is as nice as the stadium and the stadium We can criticize the capacity from the stadium but must That we take football everywhere. I am happy to be here and play the Albanian final.”

At Zalewski, are you surprised by your work? What is their best quality and prestige? “In the first part of the season he didn’t hurt. A year ago he played for Primavera and now he’s in the first team. These six months were important to his career. Honestly he can do everything on the pitch. When you are 20 and you can’t play in the places you should You play in it, but you just have to play. He has a good mentality and a good future.”

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The season ended, Roma played two finals. Today Rocky agreed with you on everything, is this season a positive for you? “Yes, to me yes.”

Do you have doubts about training? Is Spinazzola back as he thought? “It’s not a prize. He can play, 10 months off is a lot but he worked hard to get back. He was missing some minutes, some feelings and he found it in the 75th minute on the pitch against Torino. The feelings were very positive. Tomorrow is a choice for us.”

Some have never tested a final before, can you take an intensive emotion management course for the finalist? No, I can’t handle mine either. Perhaps others with my own experience can say otherwise“.

What mistake should we not make? We have to do what we do in every game. That is why I say to always think about the next game and the next one is a final, and the last of the season, there is something special which is the cup. But you have to do the exact same thing“.

Do these moments help mentality? For the group, this is part of a journey.”

What game are you expecting? I don’t know, they had a lot of time to work. You never know if they might offer something different, they just changed something their way. Against Marseille they made it 0-0 and it was a different match from their philosophy. I don’t know, we know how we want to play“.

Does Mkhitaryan have the physical condition to be the owner? He has the physical ability to help the team, we think. We are optimistic, without a team yesterday that did real tests and today with the team … a positive feeling“.

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