Carlotta Mantovan, after Fritzi, consoles herself with him: passionate kisses

Carlotta Mantovan, after Fritzi, consoles herself with him: passionate kisses

It was without a doubt a very painful loss, not only to his wife and young daughter but also to the audience in the house who so adored, Fabrizio Frisi, conductor of the historic troupe of Viale Mazzini. His wife, Carlotta Mantovan, appears to have recovered from the pain… and they are passionate kisses with him!

Too hard blow to Carlotta and about the daughter star it was death Fabriziowhich came like a thunderbolt out of the blue in the now distant 2018 year, the year of his sixtieth birthday widow frisee It seems After she consoles herself with him

Carlotta Mantovan Yobe

They met during an old edition of Miss ItalyWhen she participated in it in the name of her shining beauty Miss Veneto, in 2001, while playing the role of the bandleader. She did not win but took second place. But since then The two of them never forgot each otherThey deepened their knowledge, fell in love, got engaged and then got married.

They were happy but then…

Their marriage went well and the couple also had a beautiful little daughter named starBut a cruel fate soon fell upon them, kidnapping the historical conductor from this world through a bad illness we can say in advance, since the man was only 60 years old, thus leaving his wife and daughter Sadness afflicts him. To be close to them, in addition to family and friends, as well as many of the deceased’s colleagues and supporters who wept very bitterly when the news arrived. his death.

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She never lost her smile

It is clear that Carlota, despite the immense pain caused by the loss of her husband, also and above all decided in favor of the divorced young girl. star, You will never lose His proverbial smile and dedicate herself body and soul to her and to the little girl’s favorite sport, i.e. horseback riding. Their passion and true love for horses It was revealed more than ever by the many snaps that the woman posted on her famous official Instagram profile, and she is – in fact – here we see her in the company of his immense love

Carlotta Mantovan after sympathizing with Fabrizio...
Big love for Carlotta Mantovan YouBee

Here she is in the company of her great four-legged love, who is not a dog but a horse, whom she loves as if he were a person: he is – as we see – my wonderful picture which we see in the shot also reveals his love for Carlotta Through very tender kisses. She is like a bum!

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