Beijing 2022, calendar and Azorean in competition on Sunday, February 13

Seven medal finals, many races scheduled for Sunday 13th February: Waiting for Sofia Jogja to return to the track

the last seven On Olympic Day on Sunday February 13th, with high hopes for Italy to enrich the medal table which is already a record at the Winter Olympics. Curling opens blue day, with the team made up of Joel Returnnaz, Sebastiano Arman, Simon Gonen and Amos Musaner In search of first round robin success, then go to the gut for the first women’s monobob tour with Smell Andreotti. The highlight is also men’s alpine skiing de AlibrandiniAnd room And Vinitzer To engage in giant men. Due to heavy snow, the second women’s regression test was canceled with Sophia Jogja Who will test his conditions tomorrow by looking at the race on Tuesday 15th.

In red are the finals medals, in blue are the Italians in the race.

02.05, curling: 6 men’s robin sessions (Norway – Sweden, China – Great Britain, USA – Canada, Italy – Republic of China) – Italia (Joel Returnnaz, Sebastiano Arman, Simon Gonen, Amos Musaner – substitute Mattia Giovannila)

02.30, BOB: First Women’s Monopop Championship – Giada Andreotti

03.00, FREESTYLE: Women’s tilt swim qualifiers first round Elisa Maria Nakap and Silvia Bertagna

03.15, ALPINE SKIING: MEN’S GIANT 1st round Luca de Alibrandini, Tommaso Sala, Alex Vinitzer

04.00, ALPINE SKIING: Women’s downhill test II – Elena Curtoni, Federica Brignone, Nadia Delago, Sofia Goggia, Marta Bassino, Nicol Delago, Francesca Marsaglia

04.00, BOB: second round women’s monobob – Giada Andreotti

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04.01, FREESTYLE: Women’s tilt swim qualifiers round two Elisa Maria Nakap and Silvia Bertagna

05.10, Ice Hockey: Slovakia-Latvia, Men’s Group C

06.45, alpine skiing: giant men’s second round – Probably Luca de Alibrandini, Tommaso Sala, Alex Vinitzer

07.07, Curling: 6 women’s robin courses (Denmark – Great Britain, USA – Sweden, South Korea – China, Switzerland – Canada)

08.00, cross-country skiing: 4 x 10 km men’s relay Iacopo Portolas, Rafael Buzzi, Alessandro Pettin, Samuel Costa

09.40, ice hockey: Finland-Sweden, men’s group C

10.00, Biathlon: 10 km women’s chase Dorothea Ferrer, Luisa Fitozzi, Samuela Comola

11.45, Bithlon: 12.5 km men’s chase Thomas Bormolini, Lucas Hofer, Dominic Windish

12:00, Freestyle: Qualifying 1 women’s antenna

12.00, Short Track: Men’s 500m Quarterfinals Petro Segel

12.27, short track: men’s 500m semi-finals Yves Pietro Segel

12.44, short track: women’s relay final Ariana Fontana, Cynthia Masketto, Ariana Valspina, Martina Valspina

12.45, Freestyle: Qualifying two women in the antenna

13.05, curling: 7 men’s robin sessions (Great Britain – Denmark, Switzerland and ItalyChina-USA) – Italy (Joel Returnnaz, Sebastiano Arman, Simon Gonen, Amos Musaner – substitute Mattia Giovannila)

13.14, Short Track: Men’s 500m Final Yves Pietro Segel

14.00, speed skating: men’s team pursuit quarter-finals – Italy (David Giotto, Andrea Giovannini, Michele Malfati and Alessio Trentini – all three owners to be announced 20 minutes before start)

14.10, Ice Hockey: China-Canada, Men’s Group A

2.10 p.m. Ice hockey: America and Germany, men’s group A

14.56, skating speed: women’s 500m

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