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Science Festival |  Odysseus

The Science Festival is coming to Salento again this year, with an edition full of novelties centering around the keyword “complexity.”

From 11 to 13 May, world-famous Italian scientists and researchers – coordinated by Professor Antonio Musaro, Scientific Director of the event – will return to discuss the new frontiers of scientific knowledge with first and second year high schools, through lectures, dialogues, educational workshops and documentaries.

To enrich the event will be works created by students participating in the annual competition, which focus on the subject of review, and which offer valuable research tools.

In particular, young people are invited to reflect on questions that also affect the moral and civic realm: How do different complex variables (cultural, spiritual, thought, conscience, arbitrariness, law) reconcile and co-exist in the same complex subject and in a complex society? Is there a hierarchy and complexity?

First of all, starting points for the discussion will be provided by the guest of honor of the event, Professor Vittorio Lingiardi, Full Professor of Dynamic Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome, who will present the Magistralis Lecture on the Complexity of Dreams. Words of Scientist and Life Senator Elena Cattaneo, Professor Pier Paolo de Fiori, Director of the “New Diagnostics Program” of the European Institute of Oncology, Professor S’Angela Santoni, Director of the Pasteur Institute Italy eagerly awaited by Professor Eduardo Arcuri, Professor Emeritus of the National Institute for the Study and Treatment of Oncology “Regina Elena” , by Professor Tiziano Ferri, Professor at the University of Salento, by Professor Silvia Piconese, Professor at the University of Sapienza in Rome, by Dr. Lorenzo Gagliardi, PhD student involved in science publishing projects.

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Another important novelty concerns the scenario of the event, which will also arrive for the first time in Valle d’Itria. Indeed, the Science Festival 2023 will take place between the High School “Capece” in Magli and the Institute of International Studies “E. Majorana “in Martina Franca, to conclude at the Ekotecne Conference Center of the University of Lecce and the Palazzo Gallone in Tricase. A knowledge tour that is directly proportional to the expansion of the network of participating schools, which this year recorded a record number of members with 60 videos in the competition.

“The event – says Prof. Antonio Musaro – aims to promote the centrality of knowledge as a tool for mental preparation against ignorance and prejudice, and to help schools, society and politics understand the value of knowledge, according to the principle according to which “knowledge gets closer to people the closer it comes to eliminating inequality and promoting freedom “.

The Science Festival is organized by the APERTAmente Association, in collaboration with the Istituto Pasteur Italia of Rome, the IISS “Don Tonino Bello” of Tricase, Apulia Region, the University of Salento, the Sapienza University of Rome, the AIRC Foundation, the IBSA Foundation for Scientific Research, FISV, PTS, BCC-Locorotondo and the Medical Academy of Rome.

It will also be broadcast live on the Openly Youtube channel:

Program of the Science Festival 2023

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