Charlene of Monaco, pictured at the coronation of King Charles leaves you stunned

Charlene of Monaco, pictured at the coronation of King Charles leaves you stunned

The public appearance of Princess Charlene of Monaco has become a social issue. The wife of His Majesty King Albert II, after her long illness two years earlier, was gradually returning to her place at her husband’s side in official engagements. At first she looked very skinny and sad in her eyes, then she found her smile again and eventually restored her look. The hair is always very short, but the platinum blonde gives way to the original brown, while the clothes are widened.

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On May 6th, at the coronation of King Charles III in London, the former Olympic swimmer donned a very solid cream-colored suit: a slightly fitted jacket featuring a long drape behind the left shoulder and a pencil skirt. Both feature asymmetrical buttons. Matching accessories: a classic bodice, white stockings, a jewel clutch and a hat with an ornate bow. But at the reception, Charlene charmed in a one-shoulder soft sky blue jumpsuit, cinched on the stomach with a large diagonal neckline and floral appliqués on the hem. What do these two suits have in common? breadth. Neither particularly enhances the princess’ slender physique, whose forms appear to have been softened for some time. The arms appear more rounded and the face less hollow. Is the 45-year-old Princess of Monte Carlo, mother of twins Jacques and Gabriella, pregnant again? In Rocca many ask, some French magazines have aroused suspicion and social users are convinced that she is hiding a fascinating secret.

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